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1_10.[gospel message]. When Jesus Died on the Cross, God the Father unloaded His Fury, Anger, Wrath—PUNISHMENT (Isa 53:4-12, Isa 52:13-14) upon an Innocent, and SINLESS (1 Pet 3:18) Jesus (God's Son). On the Cross, God treated Jesus as if He had personally committed everySin— by every Person, in the History of the World— those people who would ever Turn to Him for Salvation (Matt 4:17). God the Father treated Jesus as if Jesus had lived OUR Sinful Life on this Earth— so that God could treat those who would Repent & Believe the Gospel(Mark 1:15) as if we had lived His PERFECT LIFE! Sin has to be paid for— Justice has to be served, to satisfy God's Righteous & Holy Anger towards Sin (Rom 2:5-11, Eph 2:3, Eph 5:6).

2_10.[gospel message]. Jesus became the SUBSTITUTE (1 Thess 5:9-10, 2 Cor 5:21) for ALL people— those people who would Repent & Believe the Gospel - Mark 1:15. (Luke 13:3,5, Acts 20:21,Acts 17:30-31, Acts 2:38, Acts 3:19, Acts 20:21). HIS PROPHESIED: VIRGIN BIRTH (Prophecy in O.T.- Isa 7:14 / Fulfilled in N.T.- Matt 1:22-23), Jesus' Horrific DEATH (Prophecy in O.T.- Isa 53:12, Isa 52:14 / Fulfilled in N.T-Matt 27:50), Jesus' RESURRECTION from the Dead (Prophecy O.T.- Ps 16:10 / Fulfilled O.T.- Luke 24:6,31,34) was Prophesied HUNDREDS & THOUSANDS of Years in Advance.ALL Bible Prophecies about Jesus were Fulfilled in the Bible!

3_10.[gospel message].WHY DID JESUS HAVE TO DIE FOR OUR SINS? God used the Substitutionary Sacrificial Death of Jesus to Demonstrate (Rom 5:8) for ALLTime His Incredible Wealth of Kindness— and His Infinite Love for us. He did so by using the Backdrop of Evil (2 Cor 4:6)— which then allowed God to HIGHLIGHT to ALL His Goodness & Mercy (Ps 23:6). In Eph 2:7 it says, "So God can POINT TO US in ALL FUTURE AGES asEXAMPLES of the INCREDIBLE WEALTH of His GRACE and KINDNESS towards us, as shown in all He has done for us who are united with CHRIST JESUS." God will Forever Receive GLORY & HONOR for all He has done for those who are in Christ Jesus (Rev 4:11,Rev 5:12-13).

4_10.[gospel message].Jesus, who is RIGHTEOUS, HOLY, and JUST, DIED for the UNJUST. (NKJV - 1 Pet 3:18). Christ became a "CURSE" for us (Gal 3:13) in order that we could become "the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus" (NKJV - 2 Cor 5:21). In other words, we did a Crime, and Jesus stepped in, and Paid our Fine. This is such Good News. Mark 1:1 "This is the Good News about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God." (1 Cor 15:2-9). This is a Work of God's Infinite Love & Mercy towards us Sinners (1 Thess 5:9-10, John 3:16, Rom 5:8, Eph 2:1-8).

5_10.[gospel message].• Matthew 7:13-14 (NASB) "Enter through the NARROW GATE; for the GATE is WIDE and the WAY is BROAD that leads to DESTRUCTION, and there are MANY who enter through it. For the GATE is SMALL & the WAY is NARROW that leads to LIFE, and there are FEW who find it." • John 10:9 Jesus—"I AM THE GATE. Those who come in through ME will be SAVED." THERE ARE 2 CHOICES TO HAVE OUR SINS "PAID IN FULL": 1) We can Pay for our OWN Sins by spending Eternity in HELL(Rev 21:7-8;20:11-15)

6_10.[gospel message]. 2) We can Have JESUS CHRIST Pay For Our Sins. What Does That Mean?: Jesus, who is Infinitely Holy & Perfect took our Sins upon Himself, so God's Wrath & Punishment for our Sin can be Satisfied. God can then CANCEL THE RECORD OF THE CHARGES OF SIN that is presently being held against us (Col 2:14). He will Forgive us, and Cleanse us from ALL Unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). He will ADOPT us as His Children (Gal 4:5-7)— and we become BORN AGAIN (John 3:3), into God's Family (1 John 3:9). As His Children, we are to Reflect the GLORIOUS IMAGE OF CHRIST in our Lives (2 Cor 3:18, 2 Cor 5:17, Matt 5:16), by living HOLY & Clean lives (1 Pet 1:14-15,16-17)

7_10.[gospel message].  for GOD'S GLORY (1 Cor 10:31, John 3:30)— out of a LOVE FOR JESUS (John 14:15, John 14:21,Luke 6:46). God will then make us CO-HEIRS WITH CHRIST (Rom 8:17), and we willRULE & REIGN WITH CHRIST in God's Kingdom— FOREVER! (Rev 20:6, Rev 1:6, Matt 13:43) This was God's Plan long ago, to Adopt us into His Family (Eph 1:4-5). IF however we REJECT JESUS, and REFUSE TO OBEY THE GOOD NEWS (Heb 10:26-31, 2 Thess 1:7-11), and/or we continue to PRACTICE SIN (1 John 3:9-10), we prove that we are NOT God's Children, but we Prove (Matt 3:8) that we are Children of the Devil (1 John 3:6-7,8, 1 John 2:3-6), who is the Father of Lies (John 8:44).

8_10.[gospel message]. There will be a Judgment Day where Jesus will punish all Lawbreakers (Matt 7:22-23). A Righteous Judge reacts towards Sin & Wrongdoing with Justice, and does NOT let: Murderers, Rapists, Thieves go Free. Jesus is that Righteous Judge (2 Cor 5:10-11, 2 Thess 1:7-11, 2 Tim 4:1), and because He is Infinitely Holy & Righteous (1 Pet 1:15-17), His Punishment for Sin is Infinite. (Rom 2:5-6,7-8,9-16). His Rewards are Infinite too (1 Cor 2:9). Read More: Judgments of God For Sin OR Rewards in Heaven.

9_10.[gospel message]. WHAT DOES JESUS WANT US TO DO? Repent & Believe the Gospel - Mark 1:15 (Acts 17:30-31, James 4:4-10). Repentance is truly a Work of God in you— it is God giving you a desire to do what pleases Him (Phil 2:13). So if you are Hearing His voice today (John 10:3-17), and we hear His Voice through the Preaching of the Gospel (1 Cor 1:18-31)— Don't harden your Hearts (Heb 3:7-14). Believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then Pick up your Cross Daily, Turn from your Sin & Selfish Ways(2 Cor 6:2), & Follow Jesus (Luke 9:23-26). Read Your Bible everyday (Rom 10:17), and Obey God's Word because you Love Jesus (John 14:15,21,24),

10_10.[gospel message]. and want to Glorify God in all you do (1 Cor 10:31). 15. That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. 16. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 18. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. May Jesus bless you.

[jdcriveau]Caricato da jdcriveau in data 21/nov/2011. Today congress seems not to be able to agree on about anything, except increasing their governmental power. (This is truly my opinion) For many years our nation had no central banking system and our banks would be in a state of such confusion it ran from state to state. Even some states wanted to or tried to make their own money system. Our Congress-government at one of its greatest blunders did something right (a true accident) setting up the Federal Reserve. Before a person can make such a statement one must study and understand the Federal Reserve and what it actually does. First one must understand the Federal Reserve is a Quasi-public system, that is privately owned and to operate only in the interest of the public. To operate only in the interest of the public (hummm) that is something our congress seems to have forgotten. The Federal Reserve is set up so that no political party or parties may ever get control over it. Many in Congress do not like the idea that something other than their political party telling them what to do. (Again my opinion) This is done by having the seven board of governors set up to serve a 14 year term and the governors are spaced out so the rotations of the governors are evenly spread over the 14 years. This is done so that no one political group or one person will appoint too many governors. Like the Supreme Court no political party can have any real control over the Federal Reserve. Both the Supreme Court and the Federal Reserve are real thorns in Congresses side.]What is the real function of the Federal Reserve, again in my opinion it is to ensure that first and foremost the American Dollar has real value throughout this nation, thus it seems also happens throughout the world. At this the Federal Reserve does their job very well. We have the only paper money throughout the world that is as solid as a block of gold. (Again my opinion, as I have traveled throughout the world and the American Dollar is at time more desirable the other nation's money.) Really the Federal Reserve is to Control our money supply, control and regulate our nation's financial systems. Control the reserves of all banking systems (cash on hand) to insure the private individual savings up to 250 thousands of dollars, to regulate our interest rate that vast amounts of money are barrowed on. Basically to make sure that each and every American when they are paid in dollars is getting a fair value of money for their hard physical labor. To ensure that the American dream, of owning a home, remains a true and obtainable dream, for the men and women with in this nation, who wish to work for their dreams? So yes I say Congress has no Control over the Federal Reserve, then let us all say thank God for our Congress lately has messed up completely everything else. The Federal Reserve has a very hard job, and a very difficult job, and like everything else our Federal Government it loves to blame everybody or everything else for the Congress's lack to do the job of Congress, and that is to operate in the interest of the public and no others. How many years have our country had been forced to operate with the failure of Congress's ability to do their most important job come up with a budget, while our Federal Reserve each and every day monitors our economy to make sure we have value in each and every dollar, and the Federal Reserve controls the money supply to ensure we the people have value in our labor. Very few people realize how important the Federal Reserve is towards our everyday life, both in banking and the value of their money.

@Benjamin Netanyahu: FROM:"IsraelNational­TV"- Satanism of the Talmud? exceed: enormously: the ideology of Satanism itself: why says that all men are animals evolved: while: the Talmud: of Our masters: Illuminati: IMF: says that men: are only them, while all others: are only animals in human form: these fools Rabbis Kakam of Enlightened? have the resources: and the power to put the micro-chip at all: their animals (goyim) to do of: the whole: human race, one only: bunch of slaves! Well I know that, all the political, you're only clowns: puppetry: all prostitutes of Fund: at sold all souls to hell: in the Freemasons .. But: I swear in the name of the living God: You do not have tears and despair: you can imagine, if you: with all the other politicians in the world will not find: a solution to this: IMF: and for what: that: I can understand? the solution can be: only: the Kingdom of Unius Rei! - Muslims and communists? are people too: ignorant: evil: their cultural background? is incomplete! They do not know that, with the founding of the Bank of England are the Jews, who took control: "Masonic" of: New World Order: of the IMF: of the policy, as of the institutions: and all others: a strategic resource: ie, of all .. thus, the "Commonwealth" was abandoned only because it was replacement: a satanic Imperialism: perverse and even more refined: that is, the IMF's bank seigniorage! When these cursed by God: of Muslims and communists see Christians, who make war against them? they do not understand, who are not Christians: to have the control: of the power! So you yourselves are the instigators: and the real cause of the martyrdom of Christians in our modern history and contemporary world! because this is in fact: Christians have no one who can protect them! I know when they can be: the pieces of shit, all other (non-Jews), but God does not want: that: you do the role: of the Egyptian Pharaohs (Illuminati) against: them: because: is this, that he decided: the IMF of Rothschild: to do of everything: from the human race: one and only "bunch of slaves!" (microchip and NWO) and no Freemason, Satanist or jew: can ignore this fundamental truth! Now, if God does not: it gave me: a kingdom of angels, to govern? ie, this ministry political of: "Unius Rei"? God give me, also, the means: to handle this: situation! If you continue: to make cowards: the dangerous traitors, of all the nations: behind your computer? you alone: you will be responsible of the blood: innocent: of your, and, of our children! How many countries: the Romans were forced to destroy? and what people have been completely displaced from them? we know what they were: the Romans, practical, rational and tolerant .. Now if we look at the history of these: last: 4000 years, we must recognize that there is a problem in the Jewish people (beyond the romanticized reconstructions: partisan or interpretations) .. This problem is certainly not the religion, but: it is much more of a feeling of racism, and contempt, is, hatred covered with hypocrisy (ie, Talmud and Kabbalah) against: to all the goyim, that's what led to say "final Solution": "either we, or their" guys, you are worse than Muslims! because: you represent (through a silence: an accomplice, because, quite self-defeating) the parasitic organism of the IMF. this evening, for the first time in my life: the Holy Spirit has made ​​you feel to me the great love that there is: in the people of the Jews: that is, one: for others: it is a love that: is so great: they become very tolerant, almost complicit: that is, as a love among of women .. for the first time in my life: I have heard: myself, in the midst of this: Jewish love: it was not something collective: or generic, but it was a specific love: a love only my own, just only: for me. as well: my stream of love: very was specific: that is right for everyone of you!  as I have experienced: this intense love jewis in the holy spirit? I could not avoid: to think of Jesus: and I said: the Jews? they could not kill him, as are in possessing: of an such love: some, for others? they can not kill: their: each other! and also, if Jesus was pleased: of to be killed? to make of himself, the sacrificial lamb? However: only: the Pharisees of Talmud: of Satan synagogue: ie rabbis Kakam: Illuminati could do a job like that! here is: why these criminals: sold to the devil, and played too of cunning, against the goodness of my Jewish people. had fun too: with all kinds of wars, murder: Shoah Holocaust, ecc.. now, this cruel game of the IMF: against: the Jews and against all peoples? well, soon: it must end!

1/5.[Paolo Barnard - Il più Grande: Crimine: 5] i: PROFITTi: FAVOLOSi: SONO NEL MERCATO FINANZIARIO, NON NELLA PRODUZIONe: Di: COSe: CONCRETE. è l'idea che: travolge: il mondo produttivo: negli: anni: '80, quando si: fa strada la realizzazione: che: il denaro può rendere: assai: di: più: se: sottratto agli: investimenti: tradizionali: (beni: materiali, produzione) e: investito in speculazioni: finanziarie: (borsa, valute, derivati...). Nel gioco dei: numeri: che: moltiplicano altri: numeri: si: buttano via: sia i: cittadini: (fondi: pensione, polizze: vita, risparmi...) che: le: aziende, che: deviano verso le: scommesse: finanziarie: sempre: più capitali, a scapito di: investimenti: e: innovazione. Nascono i: fenomeni: del: Pension Fund Capitalism: e: Money Manager Capitalism.

2/5.[Paolo Barnard - Il più Grande: Crimine: 5] La stessa realizzazione: si: accende: fra le: banche, che: calano vistosamente: nel loro tradizionale: modo di: far profitti: (i: prestiti) e: si: buttano anche: loro a far diavolerie: in finanza speculativa. Risultato: si: creano così delle: immense: bolle: speculative: che: poi: regolarmente: esplodono, trascinandosi: con sé le: banche, i: risparmiatori: e: le: aziende. Risultato del risultato: le: banche: vanno in rosso e: smettono di: prestare: quel poco che: prestavano, le: aziende: perdono i: prestiti: e: anche: i: denari: scommessi: nelle: bolle, e: alla fine: tutto ricade: sui: lavoratori, con la solita litania dei: licenziamenti, precarizzazione: ecc. Il padrino di: questo disastro fu senza dubbio Alan Greenspan, quando da governatore: della Federal Reserve: (banca centrale: americana)

3/5.[Paolo Barnard - Il più Grande: Crimine: 5] diede: il via a politiche: monetarie: che: rendevano disponibili: quantità immense: di: denaro a tassi: favorevoli: agli: speculatori: il notorio fenomeno del Greenspan put. A far profitti: furono e: sono ovviamente: le: grandi: assicurazioni: -- le: top sono AIG, ING, Allianz, Generali, China Life, AXA Group, Zurich, Munich Re, Prudential, Sun Life; i: fondi: pensione: privati: -- i: top sono General Motors Fund, General Electric, BT Group, AT&T, Verizon, Barclays Bank, Lloyds TSB, Citigroup; gli: equity funds.- i: top sono: The: Carlyle: Group, Goldman Sachs Principle, TPG, Apollo Global, Bain Capital, Balckstone: Group, 3i: Group, Advent, Providence: Equity; le: banche: d'investimento, fra cui: svettano Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Barclays Capital,

4/5.[Paolo Barnard - Il più Grande: Crimine: 5] Credit Suisse, Deutsche: Bank, UBS, HSBC, BNP Paribas, ING Groep, Banco Bilbao, Rabobank, Banco Santander, Nomura, Wells Fargo, Societé General, Lloyds TSB. In Italia le: top sono Unicredito Italiano, Intesa Sanpaolo, Monte: Paschi: Siena Finance, Market Capital Italia, Mediobanca, Eidos Capital; e: infine: un esercito di: singoli: investitori: troppo immenso per essere: nominati: qui. e: naturalmente, LO STATO NON DEVe: SPENDERe: A DEFICIT: PER IMPIEGARe: i: DISOCCUPATI, i: LICENZIATI, i: PRECARI. Di: cui: ho già detto sopra. Gli: alfieri: politici: di: quelle: idee, i: nomi: principali: in ordine: di: responsabilità: USA, Bill Clinton, Barak Obama, Ronald Reagan, George: Bush Senior. In Gran Bretagna, David Cameron, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, John Major, Gordon Brown.

5/5.[Paolo Barnard - Il più Grande: Crimine: 5] In Germania, Angela Merkel, Helmut Kohl, Gerhard Schroder. In Francia, Francois Mitterrand, Valery Giscard D'Estaing, Nicolas Sarkozy, Jaques Chirac. In Italia, Giuliano Amato, Mario Draghi, Romano Prodi, Mario Monti, Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, Massimo D'Alema, Enrico Letta, Massimo Tononi, Carlo A. Ciampi, Carlo Scognamiglio, Angelo Maria Petroni, Vincenzo Visco, Beniamino Andreatta, Maria Stella Gelmini, Emma Bonino, Antonio Martino, Lamberto Dini, Franco Bassanini, Giorgio Napolitano, Luigi: Bersani, Guido Carli.

@Illuminati Satanic Sharia political 322 leaders 666, super wealthy bankers grove owl god baal Talmud rabbis espoused IMF FED ECB enlightened of the synagogue seigniorage banking stolen from the people for the corruption and high treason "of Freemasonry:(false debt pubblic to make tax)(false private debt for do predation of all people peoples and businesses through banks) as you can hate in this mode, the value of life human to this point?+ demons have a big problem while men have an big advantage In fact, God does not look to the past of menbut in their future that is, in the their conversion, lol. if the Masons and their masters Illuminati IMF that they have always fought with great success against Christianity in all of these 5 centuries! if they do not start to defend Christianity that they have always fought? lol. they will find themselves in their ass the sword of Muhammad! Jews 70 captivity was predicted & it happened. A great ruler by the name of Cyrus was predicted to conquer Babylon at the end of this 70 year captivity. He did! The amazing part of it all is that The Most High Yah (God) named Cyrus over a century before he was born. The Bible is real & so is the The Most High. Do not be tricked into thinking He is not real. Those who say He is not real & His Bible is fake, they are ministers of Satan who are here to lead you to the hell that was meant for Satan & his angels. You don't have to go to hell. Choose Yahshua! Read Romans 10:9-13. receive it & believe it for salvation! [Not Muhammad invented Islam Muslims rightly say"Adam, Abraham, etc. were Muslims] for example in fake church tradition there is a book called the infancy Gospel of Thomas and the infancy gospel of Jesus Christ, Both Those books fake are fabrication and belong to the 2ndand 5th: century, not only that Jesus(say he is the son of God)but all funny all this stories of things that expose in Corano, muslim claim That there is not errors in the Quran! I will show you some of the errors of the Quran and you will laugh at it! In the bible Moses father is Called Amram and Moses have a brother called Aron, and a sister called Mary(Mariam), in the Quran the Virgin Mary was called Mary The Daughter Of Amram (Umran)and the sister of Aron The Problem Is Amram is not her father nor Aronis her brother, and there is 1000s of years between the two Mary's, yet the Quran a mix between Them, some muslims will tell you That the Quran That means clustering Amram was her great grandfather! the problem: Mary is from Tribe of Juda and Amram is from The Tribe Levi! how can Muhammad ascended at sky, many years later his death why:"Dome of the Rock"it was not built why, Muslims did not have control of Palestine at the death of Muhammad! In The Quran When Israelite made an image of calf and worship it, it was made A Man Called by the Samir not why: by Aaron Islam believe prophet scan not mistake They think and Aaron is prophet. Samiri comes from name Called the city of Samaria which is a city Established 6 Centuries after Moses! how can a guy Called Samir was with Moses and Aaron in the deasert! for example, can I like to you say you are American in middle age when american was not named America yet! yet this is what did Quran! Samiri this was ordered by Quran not to be why: touch is a magician have evil spirits, this matches Simon Magus who was Called samaritan! another confusion! You Need To Remember That in simon Gave images Life According to the Pseudo-Clementine Recognition sand Homilies which effectively is false stories, peter and When He Went to Rome said that no ones hould touch HIM why: He have evil spirits in the Quran, Moses said to the Samiri[Moses] said" Then go And indeed, it is [decreed]for you in [this]life to say,'No contact'. I can see again how Mohammad mixes stories together and mixes different times together! and even calling a guy Samir which in arabic mean belong to Samaria, Which Did not exist at time of Moses! How can be written by another after his death Koran which was dictated to him? [[to hide it all this bullshit? that Muslims are forced to be sharia ignorant and murderers?]]

[[PRODUCTS DERIVATIVES? COLLAPSE IMF OR is 3°WW NUCLEAR]] @youtube- when you get here: all the Chinese nuclear missiles (WHICH ARE EXPECTED of get, TO REDUCE DRASTICALLY: THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE OF THE PLANET?) for having had the Chinese by Israel and the CIA: our "Patriot "? To get also Chinese: in only one: Freemasonry of NWO, for to help: another poor millionaire: a Freemason: like them: namely, to have purchased in Italy: lol. A shipyard: Without a economic hope: ie, the super luxury boats yachts of cruise: in times of crisis?) with: 666 Rothschild: of IMF: Bush and 322: of His: grove owl god Baal or Marduk or god Murdok? Then, you will regret it: you have been here: "in my office: Rei unius": with all these whores: and with all these Satanists! for be you: a asshole of gay! that has prevented me to moralize: the whole human race? is for this: that for thou despair, will go down in to hell: in your endless pain of screaming with! @youtube+israelnationalTV- when: The Illuminati: kakam Rabbis: of Talmudic secret: killers: racist: ie: mad total: for Christian children to bleed (why, they are only: animals: in apparent: human form): ie, the synagogue of Satan: IMF: they decided: to start the "products derivated banking"? right at that moment: they took the decision: of to destroy Israel (the only country, that: today is able to oppose: to their power) and do: 3 ° WW Nuclear! In fact, the corpses do not have the habit of going to the Bank: to ask their money, that do not exist anymore! and is, in this way: that 322: the owl god of Bush: the grove baal marduk 666: (the grove of his mother) they will be able to regenerate again, the IMF now exhausted! just after he has destroyed 5.5: of: precious creatures of the Lord God: that they have corrupted: between immorality and evolutionism: why, almost all of them end up in hell!
ANONIMUS SAID:So how is this going to end up and Would this ever be stopped? - ANSWER - the power of these rabbis: "ILLUMINATI" masters of the world: ie: THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN?: Namely, the masters of the IMF - New World Order? can not be resisted: it is an absolute power: and universal! is a power: so absolute, that even they do not have: the need to kill me as they did kill Kennedy! but the Jews are wonderful people, and amazing! they could decide: to stop all this might be tired of Lucifer, may have nostalgia of God, as in the past! also: why: they have found: my authority metaphysics: that: could protect all their lives: effectively! But: if we go to war? they too will die this time! However: I have faith .. because, all of them diligently read my articles!
ANONIMUS SAID: So how is this going to end up and would this ever be stopped? --ANSWER--You sent me this below. I found it hard to follow.- ANSWER -yes! my son .. this things are very difficult to understand, because they are secret things: You know: that: the masters of money (around the world) are a few families of Jews Satanists: called enlightened: IMF ECB and the Fed: are not owned by governments, but are owned private banks: because Freemasonry has betrayed the people!
@youtube - I remember to you, as you have closed this your: page, against my "kingxkingdom" only, because: I was: a little nervous and that: you have closed my channel: "uniusrei2" (with 400 video: made ​​by me): just because: I translated slowly (3 hours) 75% of the biblical book: of the Wisdom: of King Solomon's .. here's why: if thou wilt: again, to that criminal: the "IHateNEWLAYOUT" and its principals: master: that are: Mossad (cat: small Satan) & CIA (fox: great Satan) (ie: Satanism institutional IMF and international: that make more than 100,000 make human sacrifices to Satan, each year): I swear in the name of the living God of Israel: I will hurt you in the name of Jesus!

@az99920 كويتي بحق! -- anche, se, la sinagoga di satana(non gli ebrei): ma, soltanto: i banchieri ebrei.. Rothschild: Rochefeller: ecc.. loro hanno il controllo: della storia: dal 1200: (come disse Dante Alighieri): e hanno fatto: delle false conversioni al cristianesimo (come: oggi è un falso cristiano: Rochefeller) per essere arrivati: a diventare: anche vescovi e cardinali(cioè,"marrani": cioè: falsi cristiani), e poi hanno inventato la rivoluzione francese(che vinse grazie alla invenzione del denaro nominale o: "assegnati" o moderno signoraggio bancario): poi hanno inventato il comunismo: poi con l'inganno hanno corrotto i generali(massoneria): ed hanno fatto crollare il regno "delle due sicilie: del re di Borbone": poi, hanno diffuso l'evoluzionismo: tutto con l'unico scopo di distruggere il cristianesimo.. poiché, loro hanno il controllo di ogni cosa? ecco che le colpe e le responsabilità del cristianesimo: risultano ingigantite! ma, anche, se, noi sminuiamo le responsabilità del cristianesimo? comunque, noi non possiamo dire, che, loro sono stati buoni! Ma, tutto quello che di male hanno sempre fatto contro i cristiani: in tutti questi 1400 anni? è sempre stato molto cattivo: perché: il Corano è sommamente cattivo contro gli idolatri! Certo, i cristiani non sono idolatri(poiché la trinità di essere: spirito: anima è corpo: fa parte comunque della unicità di una persona!): ma, i musulmani credono che i cristiani sono idolatri: comunque, condannati ad andare all'inferno in ogni modo.. così: se è male uccidere un innocente: comunque è sempre bene uccidere un cristiano prima che lui: fa diventare idolatra anche un musulmano e poi entrambi vanno all'inferno! Così se non siuccide immediatamente un cristiano(come è dimostrato dalle centinaia di cristiani che sono uccisi ogni giuorno dai musulmani): poi, si finirà per perdere: molte persone nell'inferno! è evidente che: per colpa di questa impostazione satanica del Corano: tra cristianesimo e islam: non ci potrà: mai essere: una amicizia sincera: ma, in continuo: tante guerre e massacri: come è sempre stato: in passato: per essere ancora oggi: l'islam coranico: sommamente malvagio: contro i cristiani! Inutilmente: Santo Antonio(colpito da malaria) e Santo Francesco(per la protezione del Sultano) cercarono il martirio: per mano dei musulmani: perché: per loro essere uccisi: per amore della fede cristiana era un obiettivo importante! Anche se sono passati i millenni? purtroppo, tutte le persone del libro: cioè, che fosilizzano tutto: il loro cervello in libro sacro?: diventano ottusi: cristallizzati: incapaci di essere razionali! e a te: sembra come: di parlare con persone: che: sono vissute migliaia di anni fa: quando grazie a yuoutube: io ho pottuto parlare: con una persona dell'Arabia Saudita! Io sono Unius Rei: cioè una autorità: veramente importante del Regno di Dio: l'unico che può salvare il mondo da questo disastro della 3°WW nucleare.



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  • 666SeigniorageofBank 
    666SeigniorageofBank ha pubblicato un commento 
    1 secondo fa
    World Trade Center 09/11/01. gracias Rothschild: FMI, BCE, FED: 666! gracias, Bush: 322 Nuevo Orden Mundial: es decir, secuestros alienígenas del proyecto: por su dios Baal lechuza: en Bohemian Grove, [sistema masónico de la banca señoreaje] fariseos satanistas del Talmud, los Maestros Illuminati: de Lucifer: Iluminado: del FMI! para hacer el holocausto contra: mi pueblo en Israel: ¿Y toda la raza humana: un puñado de esclavos sólo en inminente: la Segunda Guerra nuclear: WW 3 °! Al estudiar el señoreaje bancario, y el científico: PROF. Giacinto Auriti! Porque: el presidente Francesco Cossiga: Dicho esto, que era inside job! demolición controlada de las Torres Gemelas: a través de: el "termitas", este trabajo sucio? hecho por la CIA y el MOSSAD: permitir la invasión de Irak, ERES, ABSOLUTA: Y TOTAL, MENTIROSO asesina! por eso, el WTC 7: se derrumbó? sin ser golpeado?
  • 666SeigniorageofBank 
    666SeigniorageofBank ha pubblicato un commento 
    40 secondi fa
    the last time: to take that pill, that, I am? is today! Besides, you have to wait: only: your time, namely, that: the hell has established: through: the Pharisee Rabbi Rothschild: the Enlightened: King of the IMF, since, for being raped the Constitution: from your Bush 322, you pay: to Rothschild 666: your Money: for to: be become. even his animal evolved, as the Talmud says, the animal of which he, Rothschild may freely: fuking: fuck fuck screw screw, fuck, fuck, twist, curl! l'ultimo momento: per prendere quella pillola: che io sono? è oggi! poi, tu devi attendere: soltanto: la tua ora, cioè, quella: che: l'inferno ha stabilito: attraverso: il rabbino fariseo Rothschild: l'Illuminato RE del FMI, visto che, per essere stata stuprata la Costituzione dal tuo Bush 322, tu paghi a Rothschild 666: il tuo denaro: per essere: diventato. anche il suo animale evoluto: come dice il talmud, l'animale di cui lui, Rothschild, può disporre liberamente!
  • 666SeigniorageofBank 
    666SeigniorageofBank ha pubblicato un commento 
    31 minuti fa
    davidevgen -- I'm not a drug that the doctor has ordered you to take, but, soon will be yours now! your technique is, the troll here because you do not tackle the forbidden topic of bank seigniorage!
  • 666SeigniorageofBank 
    666SeigniorageofBank ha pubblicato un commento 
    36 minuti fa
    World Trade Center 11/09/01. merci Rothschild: FMI, BCE FED: 666! merci, Bush: 322 NWO: à savoir Aliens projet: enlèvements de votre dieu Baal owl: à Bohemian Grove, [système maçonnique de la banque de seigneuriage] pharisiens satanistes du Talmud; Maîtres des Illuminati: de Lucifer: Enlightened: du FMI! faire l'Holocauste contre: mon peuple d'Israël: et faire tout le genre humain: un bouquet que des esclaves dans imminent: Monde Guerre nucléaire: WW 3 °! vous étudiez le seigneuriage bancaire: et le scientifique: PROF. Giacinto Auriti! Parce que: le président Francesco Cossiga: Cela dit, il était inside job! démolition contrôlée, des Twin Towers: à travers: la "termites", ce sale boulot? a été fait par la CIA et le Mossad: permettre à l'invasion de l'Irak, VOUS ÊTES, ABSOLUE: ET TOTAL, MENTEUR meurtrière! pourquoi, le WTC 7: est effondré? sans être touché?
  • 666SeigniorageofBank 
    666SeigniorageofBank ha pubblicato un commento 
    52 minuti fa
    @ Davidevgen -> in truth, the Holy Spirit took possession: of: almost all Satanists of CIA: that: they are in this page now, because: the Holy Spirit: not: it should take possession: also of you too? if: you are not a man in authority? then, this, however: would save at least, your soul from destruction of hell, because God does not look to a religion, but on the fact that someone may be his, or, can not be of his! now, we know that the systems of iniquity as, Freemasonry: and the IMF, etc. .. are an absolute ground: to not be in relationship with God!
  • 666SeigniorageofBank 
    666SeigniorageofBank ha pubblicato un commento 
    59 minuti fa
    @ davidevgen -> God does not want puppets, but he has made​​: every man, as, its administrator, and his colleague, always, endowed with free will! here's why: every man should be: Prince and not an animal evolved according to the eternal theory: that: it can never be proven, because it is patently false! but you have filled the world of lies: because your Masonic regime has perverted every reality and everything is been corrupt, indeed: all is corrupt! you calling even: good as evil;: and, evil: as good! here's why: you are at the terminus: of the final destruction!
  • 666SeigniorageofBank 
    666SeigniorageofBank ha pubblicato un commento 
    1 ora fa
    @ davidevgen -> I am not a prophet, because I have not received a specific task: I am a Governor: with legal rights:of representation! For this reason, all that, which I believe is right? is everything, which God ratifies! and since, as: unius REI, I am the prosecutor (with a political mandate of 50 years that can not be interrupted never by death: for I am the metaphysics living, here is that, at this 50 years: I have a duty: to hit the criminals in a supernatural way) (but, I am also the representative of man), of the whole human race! here, that this reconciliation with God, it can be done! In fact, it is written that "" the truth comes from the Jews ", but all the Jews who are not in the Kingdom of God in Palestine? they are traitors and Satanists!"
  • 666SeigniorageofBank 
    666SeigniorageofBank ha pubblicato un commento 
    1 ora fa
    @ davidevgen -> your crimes will go on prescription, and may also be forgiven by God only in his (third) Jewish Temple! because only a new legal order: founded on truth: of the institutions, and of the religions (which today are legal, but may not be: legitimate "because, of banking seigniorage: that is the satanism institutional international) can be: your ransom (amnesty and forgiveness) !, and this project is feasible, because: 50%: the Jews is my ally! my proposal?: is all that, is still: between, life and death, between the kingdom of Palestine, and the 3rd WW nuclear
  • 666SeigniorageofBank 
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    1 ora fa
    davidevgen: has posted a comment 2: hours ago: thats not true. here and why "For God, so loved the world That he gave his one and only Son, That whoever Believes in him Shall not perish but have eternal life. - ANSWER -> BUT, really. YOU ARE THE ENEMY OF Jesus Christ , That he was born in Bethlehem! in fact, 1. defend you, the Masonic system: all of the false democracies, for the occult power, of banking seigniorage! 2. you criticize me, That I have never been a religion! but, I am a universal political: only, but, 3. with you is obviously not possible to speak of bank seigniorage, Because You betrayed the people and the constitution! 4. Therefore, the Word of God, it is only one aggravating pain, in your mouth..! you would never have the courage to die like Kennedy, for to do the: Executive Order 11110

  • 666SeigniorageofBank 
    666SeigniorageofBank ha pubblicato un commento 
    4 ore fa
    davidevgen 666 CIA Mossad --- IMF ---> if I was a religious? I could have never succeed! but since I am a politician universal: that is the Kingdom of God! That's why you will be punished in this same year! better for you if you had never been born! my head is not hidden! your head of fuch is hidden! Your Bush knocked down the Twin Towers not me, and in these two years, as you were hiding behind your computer: son of a bitch? youtube is gray: 1. because the Satanists have taken control of all the false democracies Masonic of banking seigniorage, and, 2. because they all died in the 3rd WW nuclear we will all be punished! also I will be punished! because I am a sinner! --- offline!
  • 666SeigniorageofBank 
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    4 ore fa
    Synnek1 ha pubblicato un commento 4 minuti fa [HAPPY BIRTHDAY] --ANSWER--> What my enemies: they think that I do wrong? I am a Zionist: for the kingdom of Palestine! and all that, they do not like of me? or, they not are like me? they will all die during the: 3rd WW Nuclear! This: I have sworn before the Throne of God in my Jewish Temple Celeste: is why, I am unius REI! NOT THERE WILL BE ONE only MUSLIM IN THE WORLD THAT TELL: "I ​​want Sharia!" BECAUSE, I'll have them KILLED ALL
  • 666SeigniorageofBank 
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    4 ore fa
    Satanists Pharisees of the Talmud; the Masters Illuminati: from Lucifer: Enlightened:of IMF! to do the Holocaust against: my people in Israel: and do the whole human race: one only bunch of slaves in imminent: nuclear World War: WW 3 °! you study the banking seigniorage: and the scientist: PROF. Giacinto Auriti: that explained everything scientifically! World Trade Center 09/11/2001 - thanks Rothschild: IMF FED ECB: 666! thanks, Bush: 322 NWO: ie Project Aliens Abductions: for your owl god Baal: at Bohemian Grove, Because: the President Francesco Cossiga: That said, it was you: to do the: controlled demolition, of the Twin Towers: through: the "termite", this dirty work? was done by the CIA and MOSSAD: to allow the invasion of Iraq, where, there were, no chemical weapons! - ANSWER - YOU ARE, ABSOLUTE: AND TOTAL, murderess LIAR! and what's the name, of the third skyscraper, that and fell on its, own, without being hit?
  • 666SeigniorageofBank 
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    6 ore fa
    allDavidDuke posted a comment 35 minutes ago World Trade Center 09/11/2001 -> thanks Rothschild IMF FED ECB: 666! thanks, Bush 322 NWO, because the President Cossiga said that, it was you: to do the controlled demolition, of the Twin Towers: through the termite, this dirty work? was done by the CIA and MOSSAD: to allow the invasion of Iraq, where there were no chemical weapons! - ANSWER -> YOU ARE ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL LIAR!
  • 666SeigniorageofBank 
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    8 mesi fa
    666SeigniorageofBank SAID: you are the banker-lenders, "enlightened" the rabbis Kakam: that against every Constitution: for the treachery of the Freemasonry: (you have stolen the monetary sovereignty): you do pay at interest, for a money created: from nothing: at to 300%: of its value? You have destroyed: the hope of Israel: with your traditions: and your bullshit: you have been: the real cause: of all: the tragedy of my people Israel: you have it condemned: at the exile of Babylon .. the truth of all the accusations of Jesus: against you? are there under, all to see! You are the true Satanists: the true children of darkness: the true, "the synagogue of Satan", because: the children of light: do not hide themselves: as you do: in fact, always, you have: fight: against life: all peoples!

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Nations have lost their sovereignty occult powers banking seigniorage enlightened Masons Satanist are in control of history of people with Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission. CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. This place is sacred, i erecting the temple, for my High Priest jew! This forces your efficiency, an angel is responsible for the observance of respect, dignity and truth of all these your statements.

questa NON è una testata giornalistica

questa NON è una testata giornalistica

questa NON è una testata giornalistica

alcuno ebrei 666 islamici complici

islamici caricano video dei martiri cristiani

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