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ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> []Jeremiah 26.13[] changed your behavior and the way you act, when he tells you to obey the Lord your God (through your Re: Rei Unius). Then, he JHWH will renounce to punish you, with all the misfortunes which threatened against you. the only project politician That is to overcome the NWO: Satanism, aliens, etc. .. is a monarchy that exceeds the power of the occult powers that have been created on the whole human race. A man capable of this? Only God can to shape him! @Rrmbgpym->[]Geremia 26,13[] cambiate la vostra condotta e il vostro modo di agire, ubbidite a quando dice a voi il Signore vostro Dio (attraverso il vostro Re: Rei Unius). Allora, egli rinuncerà a punire voi, con tutte le disgrazie, che ha minacciato contro di voi. Questo è l'unico progetto politico possibile per superare: il satanismo, alieni, ecc.. Una monarchia che superi la potenza dei poteri occulti che sono stati creati. Un uomo idoneo a questo? Solo Dio potrebbe formarlo!

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@ Rrmbgpym-> [דברים 4] אז בני ישראל להקשיב החוקים והכללים בו אני מלמדת. שים אותם בפועל (לא על התלמוד), כדי שתוכל לחיות ... ראית בעצמך מה ה 'אלוהיך עשה את Peor הבעל, והוא לקח את כל (למות) למי סגדו peor האל בעל. אבל אתה שנשארו נאמנים יהוה אלהיכם כל עוד חי.

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
Rrmbgpym @ -> [Deuteronomy 4] So the Israelites have listened to the laws and rules that I teach. Put them into practice (not the Talmud) so you can live ... You saw for yourself what the Lord your God has done in the Baal Peor, and he has taken away all (die) those who worshiped the god Baal-peor. But you who have remained faithful to the Lord the your God are all still alive. @rrmbgpym ->[Deuteronomio 4] Israeliti ascoltate dunque le leggi e le norme che io vi insegno. Mettetele in pratica (non il Talmud) così potrete vivere ... Avete visto con i vostri occhi quello che il Signore vostro Dio ha fatto in Baal Peor; egli ha tolto di mezzo tutti quelli che adoravano il Dio Baal-Peor. Ma voi che siete rimasti fedeli al Signore, vostro Dio siete ancora tutti vivi.

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
2/2 dialogue between demons and satanists "ofheavenandearth22" in automatic writing SAID to "Crypso666": So, (satana) there be still, i'll be with you: for all (you) is the "worlds' ways", if the worlds' ways(raid loot are)for all. So be it for all is wells's of the earths' wells(the well's: is a house&resource, when to a demon is offered the body of an alien or a man who is in mortal sin, the devil may leave the despair of hell to find solace in their new home, but if his work is unsatisfactory or unproductive, Satan can call him in hell). To be(perfect co-ordination of men with demons). SATAN, IS WITH THEE, TO BE WITH ME, TO FOR EVER AND FOR EVER MORE. SHALOM,HEHE.

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
[Giordano Bruno Faurisson 2/4 - Chi è, e cosa dice Faurisson? ]@apologeniuss--> In riferimento all'olocausto: Auschwitz: quindi l'unica prova criminale delle camere a GAS è data confessione di soli 3 testimoni nazisti: Rudolf hoss, ecc. che affermando che potevano essere gassati contemporaneamente in un locale da 1000, fino a 4000 persone, ma così si rendono non credibili. Si usava lo "Zyclon B", ma l'acido cianidrico rende addirittura impossibile toccare i cadaveri per la sua pericolosità, l'accessibilità al locale: "camera a gas" non sarebbe potuta avvenire prima di 12 ore. Faurisson non ha ricevuto risposte alle sue domande ma solo violenze istituzionali processi e fisiche ecc.. Ma la Corte di Appello di Parigi nel 1983 ha dichiarato che per la serietà della sua indagine sull'olocausto e per la mancanza di risposte dovute a richiesta di indagine tecnica, tutti potrebbero dire che le camere a gas non sono mai esistite. [/watch?v=_S8CtYg287U]

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@rrmbgpym ->@all jew-> Vincent Reaynouard is guilty! prosecute crimes of opinion with prison? Is to declare the reality, that we are a Zionist regime of banking seignorage: IMF-NWO. There are the economic damages for slander! but the prison is too much! וינסנט Reaynouard אשם! פשעים לדין דעת עם הכלא? האם להכריז על המציאות, כי אנחנו המשטר הציוני של seignorage הבנקאות: קרן המטבע-NWO. ישנם נזקים כלכליים דיבה! אבל הכלא הוא יותר מדי!

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
אם אני Unius Rei? אז, אני לא אופציה! מי שאינו מקבל את האהבה שלי? הוא יהיה הרוס!

  humanumgenus ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@rottoarius23 --> But investigative journalist and RT contributor Wayne Madsen says this might not prevent Israel from launching a strike. --ANSWER-> I'm prepared for death and you?

  humanumgenus ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
יהודים יכולים לבנות את בית המקדש אבל אין להם סיכוי להיות מסוגל לנהל אותה הם מסוגלים לפתור בעיות תיאולוגיות. הם יהפכו את פשיטת הרגל הגדולה ביותר, ואת הגדולה של בושה, משהו שהוא יותר גרוע seigniorage הבנק. למעשה, היהודים זקוקים Rei Unius (כלומר מלכיצדק), אשר עשויה להיות סמכות גבוהה יותר של אותה מילה של אלוהים

  humanumgenus ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
Jews are able to build the Temple but they have no chance of being able to manage it are unable to resolve theological problems. They will make the largest bankruptcy, and the largest of shame, something that is worse than the bank seigniorage. In fact, Jews needed a Unius Rei (ie Melchizedek) who may have a higher authority to the same Word of God

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
You have understood that I am the door of metaphysics? That is fot the atheists of the entire history of mankind, will enter the kingdom of God through my ministry provided that they followed the natural law that says: "you are doing good! You avoid the evil! " tu hai capito che io sono la porta della metafisica? Cioè tutti gli atei, di tutta la storia del genere umano, potranno entrare nel Regno di Dio attraverso il mio ministero a condizione che loro hanno seguito la legge naturale, che dice: tu fai il bene! Tu evita il male!"

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
There are good that the Zionists want their homeland: the can satisfy their and there are bad IMF-Zionist NWO: enlightened. Those are Satanists!

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
Jews can not be accomplices of those parasites bank seigniorage. the IMF-NWO, for de-revitalize the people and then not have to wonder and say? Because anti-Semitism is born? Why the repeated exterminations in history against jews

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
but my death would never like that of a politician because I am a minister of the living God: YHWH

  humanumgenus ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
I am the metaphysical for universal brotherhood. I can not lie and have no interest in lying because my desire is to die for exit out from this bad world. I am only a child frightened by the wickedness of this world. But this is my anger "is an evil artificial ideologically from the desired of the power of a selfish crime, so people are only exploited"

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> If the enlightened man is clever he will like the rats to leaving the ship before it sinks. If he will make the king of Israel? Then him will be without of bank seigniorage. I have no problems because I'm not ambitious! I'll help him to be King of Israel on one condition: to destroy the IMF and regenerate it, with the monetary sovereignty of peoples, because the NWO is not set on Satanism and Freemasonry, but on universal brotherhood. Only at of these conditions might hold for his sins the sacrifice of lamb

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> [The biggest abomination] the king of Israel that built the Temple? has always been there! In fact it is the king of the world: NWO. ie, what controls the world bank: IMF. However, it is unfortunate that he is a banker jew illuminated by Satan. That is the greatest murderess and criminal of history of all mankind. The good boy of YHWH? This offense did not deserve! Since it is written: "Thou shalt not kill! Not steal! Prisoners free", then you must first surrendered monetary sovereignty to the people, thief of a murderess and then you can build the Temple! that you are celebrating the triumph of Satanism? History has taught you nothing? These bankers are preparing a new holocaust of Jews!

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@ Rrmbgpym-> [התועבה הגדולה ביותר] מלך ישראל אשר בנה את בית המקדש? תמיד היה שם! למעשה הוא מלך העולם: NWO. כלומר, מה ששולט בבנק בעולם: קרן המטבע הבינלאומית. עם זאת, זה מצער, כי הוא בנקאי יהודי מואר על ידי השטן. זהו הרוצחת הגדולה פלילית של ההיסטוריה של האנושות כולה. הילד הטוב של ה '? עבירה זו לא ראויים! מאז הוא כתב: "לא תרצח! לא לגנוב! אסירים חינם", אז אתה חייב נכנעו הראשון הריבונות המוניטרית של אנשים, הגנב של רוצחת ואז אתה יכול לבנות את בית המקדש! כי אתם חוגגים את הניצחון של כת השטן? ההיסטוריה לימדה אותך כלום? בנקאים אלה מכין שואה חדשה של יהודים!

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@ Rrmbgpym-> [suurin kauhistus] Israelin kuningas, joka rakennutti temppelin? on aina ollut siellä! Itse asiassa se on kuningas maailma: NWO. eli mitä tarkastuksia Maailmanpankki: IMF. On kuitenkin valitettavaa, että hän on pankkiiri juutalainen valaistu saatana. Se on suurin murhaaja ja rikollinen historian koko ihmiskunnalle. Hyvä poika JHVH? Tämä rikos ei ansaitse! Koska se on kirjoitettu: "Älä tapa! Älä varasta! Vangit vapaa", sinun on ensin palautettu raha itsemääräämisoikeus ihmiset, varas murhaaja ja sitten voit rakentaa temppeli! että te juhlivat voiton satanismia? Historia on opettanut sinulle mitään? Nämä johtajat ovat valmistelemassa uutta holokaustin juutalaisia!

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@ Rrmbgpym-> [La plus grande abomination] le roi d'Israël qui a construit le Temple? a toujours été là! En fait, il est le roi du monde: NWO. à-dire, ce contrôle de la Banque mondiale: le FMI. Toutefois, il est regrettable qu'il est un banquier Juif éclairé par Satan. C'est la plus grande meurtrière et criminelle de l'histoire de l'humanité tout entière. Le bon garçon de YHWH? Cette infraction ne mérite pas! Comme il est écrit: "Tu ne tueras point! Ne voleras pas! Libérer des prisonniers", vous devez d'abord cédé la souveraineté monétaire à la population, le voleur d'une meurtrière et puis vous pouvez construire le Temple! que vous célébrez le triomphe du satanisme? L'histoire a appris que vous rien? Ces banquiers sont la préparation d'un nouvel holocauste des Juifs!

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@ Rrmbgpym -> [] وأكبر مقتا ملك اسرائيل الذي بنى الهيكل؟ كان دائما هناك! في واقع الأمر هو ملك العالم : NWO. أي ما يتحكم في البنك الدولي : صندوق النقد الدولي. ومع ذلك ، فمن المؤسف أن كونه مصرفيا يهودي مضيئة من الشيطان. وهذا هو أعظم قاتلة والجنائية من تاريخ البشرية جمعاء. الشاطر حسن من يهوه؟ لم هذه الجريمة لا تستحق! منذ هو مكتوب : "لا تقتل! سرقة لا تصدق! السجناء الحرة" ، ثم يجب عليك أولا استسلم السيادة النقدية للشعب ، اللص من قاتلة وبعد ذلك يمكنك بناء الهيكل! الذي نحتفل بانتصار الشيطانية؟ وقد علمنا التاريخ لك شيئا؟ هذه البنوك تستعد لمحرقة جديدة لليهود!

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@ Rrmbgpym-> [De grootste gruwel] de koning van Israël, dat de tempel gebouwd? er altijd geweest is! In feite is het de koning van de wereld: NWO. dat wil zeggen, welke controles de Wereldbank: IMF. Het is echter jammer dat hij is een bankier jew verlicht door Satan. Dat is het grootste en strafrechtelijke moordenares van de geschiedenis van de mensheid. De goede jongen van JHWH? Dit delict niet verdienen! Want er staat geschreven: "Gij zult niet doden! Niet stelen! Gevangenen vrij te laten", dan moet u eerst overgegeven monetaire soevereiniteit aan het volk, dief van een moordenares en vervolgens kun je de tempel! dat u vieren de triomf van het Satanisme? De geschiedenis heeft geleerd dat u niets? Deze bankiers zijn de voorbereiding van een nieuwe holocaust van de Joden!

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@ Rrmbgpym-> [największy wstręt] król izraelski, który zbudował świątyni? zawsze tam! W rzeczywistości jest królem świata: NWO. czyli co kontroluje Bank Światowy: MFW. Jednak to jest godne pożałowania, że jest Żyd bankier oświetlone przez szatana. Że jest największym morderczyni i karnych w historii całej ludzkości. Dobry chłopak z Jahwe? Przestępstwo to nie zasługuje! Ponieważ jest napisane: "Nie zabijaj! Nie kradnij! Jeńców", to musi najpierw poddał walutowej suwerenności ludu, złodziejem morderczyni, a następnie można zbudować świątyni! że obchodzimy tryumf satanizm? Historia uczy się nic? Te banki przygotowują nowy holocaust Żydów!

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@ Rrmbgpym-> [Den største styggedom] konge i Israel som bygde templet? har alltid vært der! Faktisk er det kongen av verden: NWO. dvs. hva som styrer verden banken: IMF. Det er imidlertid uheldig at han er en banker jøde opplyst av Satan. Det er den største morder og kriminell av historien til hele menneskeheten. Den gode gutten YHWH? Dette lovbruddet ikke fortjener! Siden det er skrevet: "Du skal ikke drepe! Ikke stjele! Fangene fri", så må du først overgitt monetære suverenitet til folket, tyven av en morder, og deretter kan du bygge templet! at du feirer triumf satanisme? Historien har lært deg noe? Disse bankfolk forbereder en ny holocaust av jødene!

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@Rrmbgpym-> [крупнейших мерзость] царь Израильский, что построили храм? всегда был там! На самом деле это король мира: NWO. т.е. то, что управляет Всемирный банк: МВФ. Тем не менее, вызывает сожаление, что он еврей банкир освещенной сатаны. Это величайшая женщина-убийца и преступник истории всего человечества. Хороший мальчик YHWH? Это преступление не заслуживают! Так как это написано: "Не убий! Не укради! Освободить заключенных",

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
то вы должны сначала возврату денежных суверенитета народа, вор убийца, а затем вы можете построить храм! что вы празднуем торжество Сатанизма? История учит вас ничто? Эти банкиры готовят новый Холокост евреев!

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@ Rrmbgpym-> [El mayor abominación] el rey de Israel, que construyó el Templo? siempre ha estado ahí! De hecho, es el rey del mundo: Nuevo Orden Mundial. es decir, lo que controla el banco mundial: FMI. Sin embargo, es lamentable que él es un banquero judio iluminada por Satanás. Esa es la mayor asesina y criminal de la historia de la humanidad. El niño bueno de YHWH? Este delito no merece! Como está escrito: "No matarás! No robar! Presos libres", entonces usted debe primero entregó la soberanía monetaria a la gente, el ladrón de una asesina y entonces usted puede construir el Templo! que está celebrando el triunfo del satanismo? La historia nos ha enseñado nada? Estos banqueros están preparando un nuevo holocausto de los Judios!

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@ Rrmbgpym-> [Den största styggelse] Israels konung som byggde templet? har alltid funnits där! I själva verket är kungen av världen: NWO. dvs vad som kontrollerar Världsbanken: IMF. Det är dock olyckligt att han är en bankir judisk upplyst av Satan. Det är den största mörderska och kriminella historia för hela mänskligheten. Den goda pojke YHWH? Detta brott inte förtjänar! Eftersom det står skrivet: "Du skall icke dräpa! Inte stjäla! Fångar fria", måste du först överlämnas monetära suveräniteten till folket, tjuven av en mörderska och sedan kan du bygga templet! att du firar triumf satanism? Historien har lärt dig någonting? Dessa banker förbereder en ny förintelse av judarna!

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@ Rrmbgpym-> [Die größte Greuel] der König von Israel, dass der Tempel gebaut? gab es schon immer! In der Tat ist es der König der Welt: NWO. Das bedeutet, was die Weltbank: IWF steuert. Allerdings ist es bedauerlich, dass er ein Jude Bankier von Satan beleuchtet wird. Das ist die größte Mörderin und strafrechtliche der Geschichte der ganzen Menschheit. Der gute Junge von YHWH? Diese Straftat nicht verdient! Da es steht geschrieben: "Du sollst nicht töten! Nicht stehlen! Gefangenen zu befreien", dann müssen Sie zunächst verzichtet geldpolitische Souveränität an das Volk, der Dieb eine Mörderin und dann kannst du den Tempel zu bauen! Sie feiern den Triumph des Satanismus? Die Geschichte hat man nichts gelernt? Diese Banker bereiten eine neue Holocaust der Juden!

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@ Rrmbgpym-> [en iğrenç İsrail Tapınağı inşa kral] İsrail Tapınağı inşa kral? her zaman var olmuştur! Aslında bu dünyanın kralı: NWO olduğunu. yani, ne dünya bankası: IMF kontrol eder. Ancak, talihsiz onun bir banker Şeytan tarafından aydınlatılan Yahudi olmasıdır. İşte en büyük katil ve tüm insanlık tarihinin suçlu. YHWH ve iyi çocuk? Bu suç hak etmiyordu! Yazılmış olduğu için: "Sen öldürmez! değil çalmak! Mahkumlar özgür", o zaman öncelikle insanlara parasal egemenlik teslim oldu, bir katil ve hırsız ve sonra Tapınağı inşa edebilirsiniz kalktı.! size Satanizm zaferi kutluyoruz? Tarih hiçbir şey öğretti? Bu bankacılar Yahudilerin yeni bir soykırım hazırlıyor!

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@Rrmbgpym-> [The biggest abomination] the king of Israel that built the Temple? has always been there! In fact it is the king of the world: NWO. ie, what controls the world bank: IMF. However, it is unfortunate that he is a banker jew illuminated by Satan. That is the greatest murderess and criminal of history of all mankind. The good boy of YHWH? This offense did not deserve! Since it is written: "Thou shalt not kill! Not steal! Prisoners free", then you must first surrendered monetary sovereignty to the people, thief of a murderess and then you can build the Temple! that you are celebrating the triumph of Satanism? History has taught you nothing? These bankers are preparing a new holocaust of Jews!

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@Rrmbgpym-> [The biggest abomination] il Re di Israele che costruisce il Tempio? c'è sempre stato! Infatti è lo stesso re di tutto il mondo: NWO. cioè, quello che controlla la banca mondiale: FMI. però, è un peccato che lui sia un banchiere: ebreo satanista di illuminato da satana. Cioè il più grande assassino e criminale di tutta storia del genere umano. Quel bravo ragazzo di JHWH? Questa offesa non la meritava! Poiché è scritto: "non uccidere! non rubare! libera i prigionieri!", allora tu prima devi restituite la sovranità monetaria ai popoli, ladro di un assassino e poi tu potrai costruite il Tempio! che voi state per celebre il trionfo del satanismo. La storia a te nulla ha insegnato? Questi banchieri ebrei stanno preparando un nuovo olocausto di ebrei!

  humanumgenus ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym->Jews can not build a Jewish temple as there is the satanic domain, of the Enlightened Jews that have created a virtual dictatorship: corporatocracy or clandestine empire whereby have subjugate to slavery all peoples through "corporations" SpA; יהודים לא יכולים לבנות בית מקדש יהודי כפי ישנו תחום השטני, של יהודי נאור, כי יש יצר דיקטטורה corporatocracy וירטואלי: או אימפריה חשאית לפיה יש עבדות לשעבד את כל העמים דרך "חברות" SpA;

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@ CHRISTTRIED2WARNUS -> perhaps I discouraged you? You must not be discouraged! Courage, you do not lose heart: your work is important and I appreciate you because you're a guy responsible for his fate. Here there are many people stupid frivolous and irresponsible: So I want you: of to be not be racist or to hate people, etc. .. Children are all equal. Because if you're racist? then you are also like the Zionists: "enlightened". The fault is never of the people, but only of bad teachers. Today I feel very sad and frustrated

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
until exist the IMF-NWO? The Jewish Temple can not be built! I certainly I refuse to build it! because it would be a desecration sure: If any politician or banker who is an accomplice to this crime absolute the: "bank seigniorage", he dared to put his feet bloody in the holy place. That's why all: Masonic leaders and elites of the world, they take all the road to hell. עד להתקיים ה-IMF NWO? המקדש היהודי לא ניתן לבנות! אני בהחלט הייתי מסרב לבנות את זה! כי זה יהיה חילול בטוח: אם כל פוליטיקאי או בנקאי אשר הוא שותף לפשע הזה המוחלט: "seigniorage הבנק", שהעז להכניס את הרגליים לעזאזל במקום קדשו. לכן כל: מנהיגי הבונים החופשיים ועל האליטות של העולם, הם לוקחים את כל הדרך לגיהינום.

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@Rrmbgpym-> @enlightened-> Of this I am sure "the every man's duty is that to kill the "enlightened", before it is too late for all people of any Nation" When I will have lost hope? So I has by buy a weapon, of course! על זה אני בטוח "חובתו של כל אדם היא להרוג את" נאורה ", לפני שיהיה מאוחר מדי עבור כל האנשים של כל אומה" כאשר אני מאבד את התקווה? אז אני כבר על ידי קונה הנשק, כמובן!

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> @enlightened-> ducks? We are all ducks! We are here in youtube but it is the agenda of the Illuminati that goes on: is made. How not to be discouraged? ברווזים? כולנו ברווזים! אנחנו כאן ב-YouTube, אבל זה סדר היום של האילומינטי זה ממשיך: הוא עשה. איך לא להיות מיואש?

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
לא לגנוב לא להרוג משה

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
אנחנו צריכים לשחרר אנשים מתוך המערכת הזו המוניטרית של החוב ומוסדות מצער שלה. אבל איך אתה יכול לחיות בידיעה כי הילדים מתים בגללך? אנחנו הבנקאים היהודים הרסו את העולם! אנחנו הבנקאים היהודים עכשיו יש חובה להציל הגיע הזמן כי חלק ניכר מאתנו חייב להתגבר על חלק רע לנו! אני המטאפיסיקה & האחווה האוניברסלית

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> @enlightened->What is your solution to the IMF-NWO: and his forthcoming 3 rd WWnuclear? What is your solution to the Masonic guilds monopolies that destroy peoples If you wanted the temple to YHWH? You might have already spoken with me! But one only man of the system IMF-NWO can desecrate the Holy Place. If he came with his feet in it. So we must work to change the system: before it is too late. We have the cultural competence to do so: without having to become murderers ourselves. We need to liberate people from this monetary system of debt and its distressing institutions. But how can you live knowing that children are dying because of you? We Jews bankers have ruined the world! We Jews bankers now have a duty to save it is high time that the good part of us must overcome the bad part of us!

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> @enlightened-> ever: the atom can never destroy the atmosphere because the transpiration of plants has made reconstituted immediately, while the dust quickly cool down the planet. If you come down in the tunnel? You then you can not more go back! The survivors will not leave you alive! אם אתם יורדים במנהרה? אתה אז אתה לא יכול יותר לחזור! הניצולים לא אעזוב אותך בחיים!

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> @enlightened-> 1.5 billion of men do not will die during the 3rd WWnuclear, but shall survive the destruction that you have planned: Survivors? they do curse for not to be dead. But later, curse you too: Jews, Freemasons, Satanists and accomplices of the IMF-NWO: Elite & leaders. You can not go out from your underground shelters! In fact, you will be eaten by the survivors, it might not confuse you with them: never. You are crazy! What do you do? Want to talk to me for a remedy to this your bullshit? ------------------------------------------- only your mortgage interest are not suffering from the recession and unemployment! damn! people are all dying slowly! people are all dying inexorably!

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym->I am by 30 March 2008 as lorenzojhwh. I desperately tried to speak of bank seigniorage & occult powers that it has generated as: Satanism Freemasonry aliens IMF NWO etc. with a man in authority(Even in secret) but neither Rrmbgpym the jew on whose site I have written has never bothered to say:"goodbye" for as he to be a murderess, along with all leaders&elite of this world which was sold to Satan. I know they are all full of scared. but this does not justify anyone: before for the trial of God and then for my opinion of REI UNIUS. But I'm here: sent by God: to STOP their lives cursed of liars, criminals, eldest son of the banker jew international that is the jew enlightened satanist the designer of every war for five centuries since he took control of our money. You're waiting for your destruction passively in 3°WWnuclear, why in 2012 the IMF is collapses & oil is finish.

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> @enlightened-> they took centuries to make false documents showing false genealogy, that is to be the house of Jesse, who is the tribe of Judah. ignorant & asses with horns: they and their fathers: all liars; if they had studied the Scriptures more? They would not have striven to make a false documentation. God decided to take the Levites and priests for the His Temple by all peoples of the earth as told through the prophet Isaiah 66.18 to 21: "I am coming to gather all people and they see my glory. I will put between them a sign: (ReiUnius lorenzojhwh) ... I will take other priests and Levites, even from all the nations, saith the Lord "

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> @enlightened->is very serious, that you do not know that God has interrupted the descendants of David for ever: in fact, in Jer.22.24-30 we see that Ioiachim that is offspring of David, a king was so bad that: unfortunately, the Lord God YHWH disgusted had repudiated him. God disgusted, broke the genealogy of Ioiachim forever and said: "Although Conia (see the genealogy of Vg Mt.1) Ioiachim son: he was a ring seal, I tear him out of my hand." Here, = He and his descendants were finally driven out.. or country.. or country.. hears the word and registered this man as a no children or progeny. then God did not use the descendants of Joseph, who was obviously a descendant of David, to give a body to Jesus But the descendants of Eli who is the father of Mary. For the same reason, none of David's home can no longer sit on the throne of Israel, let alone can build the temple.

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> @enlightened-> it is easier to turn the page: change this ideology of Zionism of Babylon: with the Zionism of the Jewish Temple that wants the universal brotherhood. But we do have to act quickly: then will be left with regrets and disappointments nostalgia when we will for you soon of go underground, to live in the ground, also if you not have become corpses. I no longer appeal to faith or goodness, which you have so eradicated with successfully by all mankind, but only I appeal to your intelligence. I am sure to win. War or no war because I also triumph, over your dead bodies if necessary. But I want to love you, before it can come upon you the wrath of God

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> @enlightened-> I have the culture to reshape the IMF, based on the ownership popular of the coin. I have to reshape the culture and institutions and international relationships. What, I can do with you? We can give / take the 50 best years of the history of mankind! So, with your cooperation will be an unqualified success: a triumph! So it is: this world we have inherited is a nightmare, but we are not responsible for this: why, we need to be accomplices of a system that provides our destruction? Our ancestors built the gallows and we are forced to hang us? We are so stupid that they see in a man an enemy? We are not all men? Satan has never been of make anyone's interests. No, he's just smart for himself only!

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> @enlightened-> However, you have shown to know how to plagiarize men. You have demonstrated an absolute power on shape of institutions and on education systems. You are not a winners? How did you work well to destroy human dignity, you may now work to improve it: this consciousness of human poor: they, together, might come to our level of development. do evil? Everyone can do evil! But the good is a realization that only God can make: the only challenge that can give: the purpose, value, meaning to your life. You do not have to do good because you are good: in fact you are bad! But you must do good for pride, for your own personal satisfaction.

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> @enlightened-> I am sure that you are suffering like me: Indeed, even if you want to play the role of bad and I want to play the role of the good. However, the knowledge that is in us is something very painful. because a world that is scorched by nuclear fire, while we are forced to drink urine and eat the flesh of our bodies is what we deserve. You know God will not stop this 3rd WW. If we do not destroy the planet, God will destroy it anyway, because people are too hypocritical, perverse and rebellious: they can not be improved. I should stop tormenting the men who fortunately can not understand me. if they understood? they would be taken by absolute despair that can not be sustained by the faith that sustains me.

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> @enlightened-> every Satanist like you? He knows that God exists! Terrible is his infinite silence, which is also his infinite knowledge of everything! How many times God YHWH has used bad people, to punish Israel? But they have been always destroyed and the case: the history of mankind has always escaped the logic of each Tower of Babel: as yours IMF-NWO! The tower will be a winning only for the Antichrist: that last few years, however, since the Messiah will come and say: "end of the game." Why is a honor to God of humble the pride and rebellion of men.

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> youtube through the "Safety Mode: On" that him has put to me arbitrarily. now prevent me from enjoying of the beauty of your video

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
I will strike: more again and again more, nations that have killed Christians. I will chase of every criminal until he is not "consumed" with his children by of my anger and through: the wrath of God. [✡♰ PAX♰✡]

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
[✡♰ PAX♰✡] the time of hope has expired;: you wait for the collapse of the IMF in 3°WW you've wasted your life given: by God You have your legacy: is infinite despair I command in Jesus' name, that the blood of Jesus be upon you, and all. You are all sons of the devil, you are destined for hell! ♰ I have done the wrong to all those criminals who toppled the cross ♰ [♛MENE ♚TECHEL ♛PERES♰ PAX] ♰ CSPB CSSMLNDSMD VRSN SMVS MQLIVB ♰"Drink your poisons made by yourself" ♰

  Challabie ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
שלום אחי

  yerushalmi83 ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Metal666Doll : very poor... despite your hate for "subhuman jews" with their culture and your love of the "humanist" hitler - he would gas you at auschwitz too... together with your subhuman style of music, as he would call it ... wake up idiots!!!

  Bosman1745 ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
And how about 2012? This will be end???

  Metal666Doll ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
You disgusting Jewish SCUM! the world needs to be rid of your filth. Get the fuck out of everyone's eye sight, you despicable excuse for even a sub-human. HITLER SHOULD HAVE DESTROYED YOU! BUT HE DID NOT AS THEIR WAS NO HOLOCAUST!! sorry, Holocaust® Dont sue my for not putting the 'Jewish trademark' on your fabled Holocaust® HAIL HITLER

  1orenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
Big is the lord. i'm not jerking you, he is big. 22 inches of dick. kneel and suck the lord.

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
you relax! I never write more on this channel!

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> all major Jewish sites or representative as: "elongadi" "Rrmbgpym" "shalomnaumann", ecc.. are managed by computer professionals. you can not have human contact with a jew in authority in youtube. This is an unprecedented crime against all mankind and declares: 1. youtube is a scam. 2. all Jews with some social relevance are all accomplices of the NWO, IMF, Freemasonry and Satanism. 3. is the fact: all our institutions and the our media are controlled by the "lighted" that is the Zionism. 4. for the human race there is no hope against the massacre of the 3rd WW nuclear: that is inevitable and a consequent also the new massacre or holocaust of Jews, leaders, elite, bankers, politicians and Masons is inevitable now.

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> my brother, all who believe in the Jewish Temple, according to the new concept of universal brotherhood? they work for peace! But who is pursuing the project of the Jewish Temple in Zionist ideology function? He will never realize this project, because then: its criminal objectives belonging to the dark side of power (NWO, Satanism, Freemasonry, IMF, etc. ..) would be understood by people. That's why this project of the Jewish Temple. lol. can never do!! is just a joke against the worldwide Jewish community, that as the days of Hitler must pay its terrible toll in favor of eternal "enlightened" of ever. They can fool everyone but not me!

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@ Rrmbgpym-> is more intelligent starve? to lose our time in futile and sterile debates: how for example, how I do like to eat bread with olives or tomatoes? not is still better to eat anything? this: "Beis Hamikdash" is be made at the soon! or die all together at the soon! @ Rrmbgpym-> הוא להרעיב אינטליגנטי יותר? לאבד את הזמן שלנו בדיונים עקר עקרים: כיצד, למשל, איך אני אוהבת לאכול לחם עם זיתים או עגבניות? לא הוא עדיין טוב יותר כדי לאכול משהו? זה: 'בית המקדש "הוא להתבצע בבית במהרה! או למות ביחד בבית במהרה!

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@rrmbgpym---> I thank the one God: YHWH, to the presence of the one human race for the destruction of "enlightened"

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@rrmbgpym---> I am not divine more, more of as any other man of this plan could be is my position in the history of mankind, to be strategic: unius: single @rrmbgpym---> io non sono più divino di come un qualsiasi altro uomo di questo pianete potrebbe esserlo è la mia posizione, in tutta la storia del genere umano, ad essere strategica: unica

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@rrmbgpym---> to crippledfonzzz and MrShalomerusalemme--> I'm more pure of a diamond! The value and the true that are in me? are beyond all that can be human and supernatural! That's why I can not be damaged by slander as other men. like a diamond I reflect everything that is done to him/me. About me are all the blessings of Abraham and Melchisek, more than any other man in the entire history of mankind, in fact I am the "Rei Unius" I am the living tabernacle of the covenant: that is why in my heart, are alive and dazzling, the ten commandments of Moses, where God says: "I am friend of your friends and be an enemy of your enemy." Who does not respect life? Who is wicked? He has groped to offend lorenzojhwh: he is a ministry that can not be countered.

  MrShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
Lorenzo is this not your channel? Have you gone completely bonkers? Why are you talking to yourself?

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> When I am outraged, as today, dear brother. I need to sleep a bit more and then of take refuge in the word of God: Zechariah 12.10 says: Thus says the Lord:"i will pour upon the house of David (Israel) and on peoples of Jerusalem (all people) a Spirit Holy of Grace and Consolation: they will look at me, to whom they have pierced. They mourn him as one weeps the firstborn. On that day there will be for the house of David and for the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spring welling up to wash the sin and impurity. (Inequity can be removed from the sinner: only) Except for the earthly paradise:that is 1°level, Paradise heavenly and the Throne Room are places multidimensional. So is multidimensional: the power of this prediction: the human mind is totally inadequate to understand its meaning. Certainly he is speaking to us of our Jewish Temple ground image of the heavenly Jerusalem: what is the form or container of the Kingdom of God: it will soon be built

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@shalomnaumann --> My "Drink your poisons made by yourself" is entered in the electronic circuit of the world and will remain in the computer system until the end of the world. Therefore people will not go more to the massacre of a war while ignoring the real reasons that are behind the occult powers. Therefore, to pursue the agenda of the NWO, as if "lorenzojhwh" it never existed? is pure madness! @shalomnaumann --> il mio "Drink your poisons made by yourself" è entrato nel circuito elettronico del mondo e rimarrà nel sistema informatico fino alla fine del mondo. Pertanto i popoli non andranno più al massacro di una guerra: ignorando i veri motivi che sottendono ai poteri occulti. Pertanto, perseguire l'agenda del NWO, come se lorenzojhwh non fosse mai esistito? è pura follia!

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> is legitimate the indignation against Nazism and against his crimes. but I do not accept the hypocrisy of those who say: "Where was God at Auschwitz?" or "Why the Holocaust?". How can we not know the Masons and the bank seigniorage which leads people to despair? Yesterday is as today, that's why, that a new holocaust of Jews in the world is prepared. The strong sense of identity has led the Jewish community not only to hide but to become accomplices of the enlightened: as all the leading elite of the world. I am sure that the first victim of this blackmail the IMF and of all his occult powers is precisely the state of Israel and the Jewish people. But by myself I can do? Even if really i did die the people? this is not sufficient. We all have do with the courage to leave dall'omertà or will be catastrophe for all.

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@ Rrmbgpym-> Today I am angry and outraged! so, why this will be a day to forget for all the accomplices of Satan in every corner of the planet @Rrmbgpym-> oggi sono arrabbiato e indignato! ecco perché questa sarà una giornata da dimenticare per tutti i complici di satana in ogni angolo del pianeta

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@MrZonetailedHawk @ajas1980 @XXXxThemessiahxXXX @imaanali1 hatred is not intelligent. hatred makes of you a satanist. hatred is not from God. if we pay our money to the enlightened Jews: so everything is unbalanced in the world. but we must work with understanding, respect and cooperation. This hatred is the culture of the NWO is Satanism. We must build a culture of love if we survive on this planet. We can no longer live as demons on hell in this poor planet. ♥ WELCOME in my live! ♥

  EddieAchtem ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
Greetings from Calgary! Great Video!  Wow!

  humanumgenus ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> my friend, is difficult for us our time. If YouTube respects its rules? So I would not have needed to curse 50% of all criminals who are here: in youtube today. Satanists, pornographers, prostitutes, perverts, gays, lesbians, horror, gay animals having sex without shame, etc. ... are all going to cry from their mother: youtube. But I say: "Why so much fuss, if God does not exist? But how in 2010 you can still believe in these tales from the Middle Ages?" But the most incredible thing is that Satanists know how to die in silence, but then not know how to accept defeat and they cry like crazy ... but why to cry? Satan was not the strongest until recently ago? At least that was said about ... but is by a bit of days that in the control room, one begins to doubt this assertion.

  ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> I rarely read the New Testament because I believe that before, it is necessary to understand the Old Testament, namely the Hebrew Bible. So the episode of: "turn the other cheek" has been misinterpreted and now we are full in the world of Satanism, etc. .. etc. .. that's why I feel God's voice in my conscience, through the Old Testament, which is complete. the Hebrew Bible? is current extraordinarily. At the beginning of my ministry, the Lord told me: "You will trample all your enemies" and "You are a lion among a flock of sheep!", but I can not remember the exact quote. but also told me many other things ... certainly I shall reign

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> if you are to the Talmud. So how you can be for the Torah? In fact: the Talmud is made itself, above the Torah and says terrible things, like the fact that non-Jews are animals that talking @Rrmbgpym-> se tu sei per il Talmud. Allora, come tu puoi essere per la Thora? infatti: il Talmud si dichiara superiore alla Thora e dice cose terribili, come il fatto che i non ebrei sono degli animali parlanti

  EddieAchtem ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
Hello there Lorenzo, Everone's Best Friend. Greetings from Calgary.. Keep it up...

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> if it were possible to place a bet with these conditions: "we let build the Jewish Temple to you with the help of a single unskilled worker!" Well I win this bet. In fact, I know how to use mechanical means, I am: bricklayer, electrician, carpenter, blacksmith and plumber. Of course, could never be a work of art, but certainly would be a huge and solid structure in fact I'm a surveyor. @Rrmbgpym-> se fosse possibile di fare una scommessa, con queste condizioni: "ti lasciamo costruire il Tempio Ebraico con l'aiuto di un solo operaio non specializzato!" Bene, io vincerei questa scommessa. Infatti, io so usare i mezzi meccanici, io sono: muratore, elettricista, falegname, fabbro e idraulico. Ovviamente, non potrebbe mai essere un'opera d'arte, ma certamente sarebbe una struttura gigantesca e solida infatti io sono geometra.

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> YHWH thou hast made man in Your image and likeness, but that Jew: son of the devil "enlightened" usurpers of power with the bank seigniorage, they have made man in the likeness of an animal. I curse him and all his accomplices, not until they see the destruction of all their children with their eyes. God of Abraham exterminate these evil of the whole face illuminated by the earth, I can see their ruin, that they can get all the depths in this year.

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> questo vale anche per voi: satanisti di youtube, che curate questo sito, come figli i Abramo? voi siete una vergogna! That's enough! for all those who have in youtube:1.animal sex 2.Porn 3.horror 4.Satanism 5.kisses with his tongue 6.vulgarity; 7.negative educational impact, that is not suitable for children? I Rei Unius in Jesus' name I command that: the first dangerous che will disease to which their thinking think?is own the one that should receive, an unconquerable disease that leading to death.Loved the curse? Falls on him!Amen hallelujah! CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVBMENETECHELPERES♰ pax

  humanumgenus ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@nargargole--> how many human sacrifices to Satan, you will do this time against me, to stop my ministry? There is a price to everything? ok! this is the price, you must sacrifice to Satan the 75% + 1 of all institutional Satanists, then certainly you will be able to stop this ministry. Loved the curse? Falls on him! Amen, hallelujah! ♚ MENE TECHEL ♛ ♛ ♛ PERES ♰ PAX CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSN SMVS MQLIVB

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
youtube fight me but this is very dangerous for him this time will pay all his crimes, once and all together lutte youtube me Mais cela est très dangereux pour lui cette fois-ci payer tous ses crimes, une fois tous ensemble youtube mi combatte ma questo per lui è molto pericoloso questa volta pagherà tutti i suoi crimini: una volta e tutti insieme

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@Rrmbgpym-> you remove MrShalomGerusalemme you can not desecrate the hope of Israel and the world in this way

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
@all Muslim countries-> are you that you enjoy to see how they massacred the Palestinians. for do the your interests, and do this for political hegemony, which is always the game of American Satanists. Why you: Arab Nations: you are the primary accomplices of the "enlightened" of satanic Zionism banking and bank seigniorage of IMF. It is you who bought the poverty and the blood of Palestinians because Palestinians and Israelis will could live peacefully in one country: Palestine. Are you really you, along with Saudi Arabia who wants to do: around the world: one sharia: while the enlightened is laugh at all us in the forthcoming 3 rd nuclear WW. yuo all remember of this, at the moment of terror, of these words of mine, because I curse you all in the name of Jesus You are children of the devil! MENE TECHEL PERES ♰ PAX "Drink your poisons made by yourself"✙ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSN SMVS MQLIVB "You are all lost!"Luke19.27♰

  lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa
MARANATHA! Come Holy Spirit, sent to us from heaven a ray of your light, come father of the poor, come giver of gifts, light hearts Come, comforter, sweet guest of the soul, sweet relief, safe in the heat, solace in sorrow , infuse your intimate peace, without your strength? man is nothing, nothing without force, lava that is sordid, warm what is cold, halyard that is crooked, your faithful that only gives you trust in your holy gifts, gives reward to virtue, gives death saint, gives eternal joy. Amen Hallelujah! vieni Spirito Santo, manda a noi dal cielo: un raggio della tua luce, vieni padre dei poveri, vieni datore dei doni, vieni luce dei cuori, consolatore perfetto, dolce ospite dell'anima, dolcissimo sollievo, nella calura riparo, nel pianto conforto, infondi nell'intimo la tua pace, senza la tua forza? nulla è nell'uomo, nulla senza forza amen ALLELUIA!

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kneel! can not you see? passes the Lord! amen alleluia + love + shalom +salam... what is it made? is received! we collect all that we will have sown! vas a youtube que destruir esta abominación de Satanás I have news for you: "He who is in me? is stronger than him: Satan that is in the world. All hell? is powerless against me! " you are completely helpless against me. you can not defend yourself from me, all hell with Satan can not. you're lost. you go to youtube you destroy this abomination of Satan. You're Already at the cemetery You're About to Lose His senses Satan is your destruction! now? burn! in the name of Jesus: now you must burn! Amen, hallelujah! in the name of Jesus: "Now you must burn!" STOP: halloween antichrist pride slavery blindness Satan Go!CSPB CSSMLNDSMD VRSN SMVS MQLIVB for your destruction:as is the cemetery? what the hell you feel at the hell? Amen, hallelujah! ♚MENE♛TECHEL♛PERES♰PAX♛ Terror took possession of the children of darkness.

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1/2[109 Ps] God of my praise, you will not be silent, as against me: they open the mouth the wicked man and of fraud; speak against me with a lying tongue. They invest me with words of hatred, they fight against me, for no reason. In return of my love, I move the accusations, while I am in prayer. Make me evil for good and hatred with love in return. Raises a villain against him. an accuser is always to his right. He is convicted and his appeal is terminated: in sentencing. Few are his days and his place be the deal another. His descendants will be devoted to destruction. The iniquity of his father and his mother is mentioned continually to the Lord. Because he refused to show mercy and persecuted the poor, to kill those who are broken-hearted. Loved the curse? Falls on him! Amen, hallelujah! ♚ MENE TECHEL ♛ ♛ ♛ PERES ♰ PAX CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSN SMVS MQLIVB

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♰♔♥♔lorenzojhwh the Rei Unius King of Israel, from the throne of God and for the glory of his throne and for who is sitting: in the name of the God of Abraham and Melchisek, our patriarchs and prophets, who revealed his name Holy to Moses: YHWH: in the name of: YHWH and of all the churches land, the church purgative and heavenly: the Kingdom of God, for all pure souls and prayers of all saints and heavenly and divine creatures, for all mankind and in the name of Jesus, the power of the Holy Spirit through all creatures and binds with the blood of Jesus at the foot of the cross and for all the martyrs: I order to St. Michael the Archangel and all the angelic of fire immediate removal and the destruction of Satan and of all his satanic symbol on this planet with immediate effect. ✙CSPBCSSML NDSMDVRSNSM VSMQLIVB"Drink your poisons made by yourself"✙Halleluja✙MENETECHELPERES♰­­

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Please, you subscribe to my fifth channel "MrShalomGerusalemme" whether the construction of the Jewish Temple: it will be made by the Zionists, will become a real enemy for the future of all mankind and for all peace

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@ Rrmbgpym-> [Lilium] the lily is a symbol of the Messiah and as God worked for us and for he. the lily is a male element is the symbol of purity and holiness in man. Every man who exits the Jewish Temple will be like a fragrant lily of purity and happiness. The lily speaks of creation: it has six petals, one petal on each day of creation, but also has six stamens, indicating that each day was made to love, but has only one pistil indicating the seventh day, ie 'element of female fertility. May all husbands and all wives find their wedded bliss, find the scent, with my personal meditation, which I invented. This meditation was inspired to San Antonio today: 13-06-10 is his party, so he would speak.

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@Rrmbgpym-> if not look at things from the perspective of love? Then we'll never understand anything! so we must look any religion. If, for example, we look at a rabbi, who uses an electronic device to automatically turn on the light, because then he would not offend the Sabbath day? So he does not know God and have not understood anything. In this way, he has sent away by the religion, the young. But every religion has a loving relationship with God, and where there is love, there is freedom of conscience, so every jew is to be an artist, an interpreter of his religion, for the enjoyment of himself. Every believer must learn to interpret, their love of God with creative freedom and imagination as it is written in the Hebrew scriptures of the prophet: "I want to love and not sacrifice." said the Lord God JHWH. amen alleluia

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@Rrmbgpym-> this is the secret of every man who wants to succeed. Must have a rationality: lucid absolute , as if God or religion should to him not be conditional. But then he must not live selfishly for himself, he must make a gift to God of himself. Then, God will intervene with power: as he did with David, etc. ... No one can understand religion if he does not understand the faith, but no one can have faith if not has love. So if you know love: you will do yourself a brother for what that looking for a brother, and do yourself a father for what that is looking for a father. That's because I have done myself: the Rei Unius or the Mahdi, or the King of Israel. Not selfishness, but love is love that I wanted it, having to write a response to a need or a necessity. then what is valuable, is not the authorities, but the service of God and man, this is the secret to success and happiness

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@Rrmbgpym-> sami7002 seems like an educated, but rather is a criminal who believes in sharia and that instrumental use of religion as an act of imperialism on the world sami7002 sembra un tipo istruito, ma invece è un criminale che crede nella sharia e cioè nell'uso strumentale della religione come atto imperialistico sul mondo

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@666Fuckinghostile->knows the Torah:you're a liar: God created the world in 7 days:so 6 means incomplete. then 666 means 3 times 6: false+failed+lost. Satan is not present on earth for to his will, but because it was driven from the Kingdom of God, when St.Michael the protector of Israel, killed and have then removed from the body angelic him and all the rebel angels. So you are now a shadows, when no longer useful to God the your dirty work? Messiah you must disintegrate. For all, The guard is for all the believers: because the Torah and Psalms: used with faith, they are good exorcism. JHWH is for us. racism, Zionism Sharia, freemasonry, the SpA, manipulate religions for political, the NWO, the bank seigniorage, horror, porn, wars between Palestine and israêl,etc: this is a perfect work of Satan.Genesis 3:15 God has gave the woman(Israel) every man, the power to defeat you because you are only a shadow. if people listen to God rather than listen to you, you have lost all power.

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you have no fear I will answer

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Life is too short Quran explains everything Al-Naml In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful (29) Lo! it is from Solomon, and lo! it is: In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; (30) Exalt not yourselves against me, but come unto me as those who surrender. (31) She said: O chieftains! Pronounce for me in my case. I decide no case till ye are present with me. (32) They said: We are lords of might and lords of great prowess, but it is for thee to command; so consider what thou wilt command. (33) She said: Lo! kings, when they enter a township, ruin it and make the honour of its people shame. Thus will they do. (34) But lo! I am going to send a present unto them, and to see with what (answer) the messengers return. (35) So when (the envoy) came unto Solomon, (the King) said: What! Would ye help me with wealth? But that which Allah hath given me is better than that which He hath given you. Nay it is ye (and not I) who exult in your gift.

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@Rrmbgpym-> there can be no greater glory than this: the glory will come upon us and upon all mankind and the past will be forgotten and every sin will be erased. prosperity, peace and progress will be universal, this is predicted: "The end of time, the mountain of the Lord's will be the highest ... to He will flow to all people". --> courage my boy! non ci può essere una gloria maggiore di questa: la gloria scenderà su di noi e su tutto il genere umano e il passato sarà dimenticato e ogni peccato sarà cancellato. prosperità; pace e il progresso saranno universali, questo è profetizzato: "alla fine dei tempi, il monte del tempio del signore sarà il più alto... e a lui affluiranno tutte le genti"

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@ Rrmbgpym-> who owns lorenzojhwh? expression of that group of: power, ideology or religion him is? lorenzojhwh is the soul of the world, he represents every man and all together the whole human race. That's why it's only his: the right to build the Jewish Temple. I want tat: 1. my State that runs from the Temple Mount to the Mount of Olives; 2. I declare that Jerusalem is the city "open" with an extraterritorial law. This is the greatest guarantee for: 1. the existence of Israel, 2. protection of Jerusalem from all conflicts and protection of its citizens. In my State and in my Protectorate of Jerusalem every man on the planet has the right to citizenship.

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@ Rrmbgpym-> But what is the meaning of the Jewish temple, if not to save souls for God? Souls are more death and more are of more in danger! They own the souls of my people Israel, what the prophet saw in a great valley full of dry bones! you leave: Satan and now you come to me

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[✡ + ✚]

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@Rrmbgpym-> you: just you, you are an "enlightened"

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@Rrmbgpym-> All Jews of the world are angry with me for "Holocaust in Palestine", because that video is a formal lie: is true ok: is a formal lie! But what do I care? I'm glad to be home to me! I do not criticize the Jews, but the system of NWO. So "REI Unius" is a your interest. If the structures and institutions of the world will not be affected and will not be, it with us, redesigned? then it is useless to build the Temple! Because it would be a useless monument of Zionist ideology. So we go to great purification of this 3WW nuclear, and we get rid of all these droppings Masonic bankers, statesmen leading elite. One thing is certain: I always to build the Jewish Temple, even after nuclear war: however,

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Hevenu Shalom Aleinu But Ana Ajmal Min Salam In these days: we are all very close to death or life. I think it will be for life Although everyone is angry with me? In the presence of God: 1. I was perfect! 2. I can not blame anything on me! shalom + salam = love bless amen alleluia

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@Rrmbgpym->everyone knows there is a: Anti-christ, anti-Pope.lol. but now:10-06-10, everybody knows that also exists anti-ReiUnius. Even though is totally illegal, because he is the leader of all occult powers and of bank seigniorage. However, the "enlightened" are totally vulnerable, because their fate is to bring death also to yourself, like my destiny is to bring joy everywhere. The Illuminati are all born with a terrible curse: in fact, they now are in desperate need of lorenzojhwh the King of Israel, that the legitimate Unius Rei. Even if they succeed, absurdly, to cross the 3rd WW nuclear? However every person on this planet will feel compelled to kill them. I can not judge people from the outside like everyone else. But as at God in I have look the man in his heart: every man.Because I do not afflict who is humble: I feel sorry for everyone the humble (but you will not to tell this at the Satanists).

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io spezzerò ogni resistenza

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@Rrmbgpym-> maybe someone will be shocked by this revelation: "Lawrence Scarola is only an ordinary man!" "Because he was expecting a super prophet, or something of such, but one thing is sure: I am not a liar. However the Ministry of lorenzojhwh which is a ministry of fire and power, this is obvious. is clear: faith, connected to the Torah can never be devalued: is power! So the believer is always a powerful man. And if the faith of lorenzojhwh is joined in according with the faith of Rrmbgpym? Then we two: we have really a devastating faith! Clearly you are a man of faith: it is your faith that has developed this your project of the Jewish Temple

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@Rrmbgpym-> why Muhammad can not be a prophet? because only if you: God speaks personally, only then you can you be a prophet! and we all know that to Muhammad or to lorenzojhwh: God has not spoken. We want to say that Muhammad or lorenzojhwh: are infallible as theologians: just because they have had some intuitions brilliant? Absurd! Indeed, theology as science of the intuitive thinking (critical) is the logic calculated through the biblical and historical data, within an evolutionary path, which belongs to religion and never to a single individual. that an angel has spoken? In the world today we have at least one million people who have talked with angels or with spirits and luckily this accident has never happened to Lorenzo Scarola. Unfortunately, Muhammad was very ignorant: this is clearly, not meant to be, an offense to anyone. shalom + salam = love x you and yours bless + blessings too

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@ Rrmbgpym-> You spoke with me? No! I saw you? No! Yet I know that you exist and so there is a supernatural connection between us. So is This relationship between God and all mankind and ends, necessarily, with a review of life or death for each of his creatures. So it is with God, I never saw or spoke with God, but I'm sure he exists, in fact, are in relationship with God, and each report enriched a personality, to some extent the personality of God can be transformed, which is why JHWH is alive. Who made the universe, who gave orders for there and reacts according to a precise objective? So is: "Who created the design of this site? Who gave orders for there and reacts according to a precise objective? More we get closer to God, and we receive his divinity and when I say" we "I mean to all mankind that God wants clothe with His divinity and glory

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@ Rrmbgpym->[Isaiah 33.13] will hear far as I did, neighbors know what is my strength. " [14] They fear the sinners in Zion, terror, took hold of the wicked. "Who among us can dwell with devouring fire? Who among us can dwell in everlasting flames? ". [15] Who walks in righteousness, and speaks with sincerity, who rejects gain a result of bullying, shakes hands not to accept gifts, [16] he shall dwell on high, fortresses on the rocks (on the dome of the rock) will be his refuge,

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@Rrmbgpym-> now that I read the Bible as a jew, it: the Word of God took to my eyes political significance. Isaiah 26.1 -> We have a strong city; he has erected in our salvation walls and bulwark. [2] Open the doors: enters the right people that maintains fidelity. [3] His soul is firm; you who keeps the peace peace because he trusts in you. [4] Trust in the Lord always, because the Lord is an everlasting rock; [5] because he broke down those who live in high; the lofty city has reversed, upside down to the ground, he has destroyed. [6] feet trample, feet of the oppressed, the footsteps of the poor. [Isaiah 33.3] To the sound of your threat fleeing people, when you get up, the nations are scatter. [4] the spoil heaps are piled up like the locusts [5] because the Lord Almighty is dwelling there; he has filled Zion of law and justice. [6] There is safety in its laws, wealth are healthy wisdom and science; the fear of God is his treasure.

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@Rrmbgpym-> it's all very nice: [Chapter 9.1] The people who walked in darkness has seen a great light; for those who dwelt in the land of gloom a light has shone. [2] You have multiplied the joy, have increased the joy. They rejoice before you as one rejoices when the crops and as men rejoice when dividing the spoils. [3] Since the yoke that weighed and the bar on his shoulders, the rod of his oppressor you broke as the day of Midian. [4] Since each shoe as a soldier into the fray and each coat stained with blood will be burned, will come out of the fire. 5] As a "child" is born for us, has been given a son. On his shoulders is a sign of sovereignty and is called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace; [6] great is his domain and peace will never end on David's throne and kingdom, he is to consolidate and strengthen with the law and justice, now and forever; this will make the zeal of the Lord of hosts.

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@Rrmbgpym-> is of keep a certain distance with everyone, and a stern attitude, especially with young women, I do not want it be revealed my goodness, but those I attended, unfortunately, then eventually discovered my emotions easily, it is intuitive. Today, "73Izaura" told me:" Hello baby. "So that this text of Isaiah 9.1-6 every Christian gives to Jesus, but is clear that to every jew, it attaches to Rei Unius": [Isaiah 9,5] As a "child" is born for us, has been given a son. On his shoulders is a sign of sovereignty and is called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace;

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@ Rrmbgpym-> Isaiah [2, 2-5] At the end of the day, the mountain of the temple of the Lord will be erected on top of mountains and will be above the hills; all nations will stream to it. [3] Many peoples will come and say: "Come, let us climb the mountain of the Lord the temple of the God of Jacob; he may teach us his ways and we can walk in his paths. " For from Zion shall go forth and from Jerusalem the word of the Lord. [4] He (ReiUnius) will judge between the nations and will judge between many peoples. They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; Nation will not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. [5] House of Jacob, come, walk in the light of the Lord. --ANSWER-> by when I has attend to you, I have entered into communion with your inner soul, so I started to think like a jew: I also, that's why the Bible began to reveal to me, new meanings

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@ Rrmbgpym-> I can guess your thoughts. my brother. I know what to look for your heart, your heart wants to know what is the status of my interior evolution and at the same time realizes that there are some changes in me since I began to believe to be the King of Israel ie Rei Unius. it is true there are some obvious changes: both in my personality, as well as in my body that has become more beautiful and young. But the most surprising thing is given by the Word of God, abounding are references to the Rei Unius that before i could not see or understand. LISTEN:

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@ Rrmbgpym-> ALLELUIA. Yahweh is his Name !!! Moses and Melchisedk bless you shalom + salam = love x you and yours bless blessings too

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@Rrmbgpym-> [✙ ♥ ♔] So I write on the lintels of the exterior entrance atrium: "Anyone who believes that a people is more intelligent or more blessed of another people. No should never dare of to enter in this house of God". shalom + salam = love @Rrmbgpym-> [✙ ♥ ♔] questo io scriverò sugli architravi dell'ingresso all'atrio esterno: "Chiunque crede che un popolo sia più intelligente o più benedetto di un altro popolo, non dovrebbe mai osare di entrare in questa casa di Dio". shalom + salam = love

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@ Antiguabritish -> true, precious brother to have deleted: items from Judaizing and Christianity was a disaster: the masterpiece of the devil, as is indeed the "replacement theology". No! the Church has replaced Israel, because Israel is not replaceable. But the violence against Christians by the Jews is matches and were very fierce. So we had a history of violence, which have no reason to exist, because you can not love God and fight another person for a different idea or opinion. All good and honest men have the duty to love one another as brothers, that's what I see when I am in the Jewish Temple: A real cultural revolution! recognition of universal brotherhood with atheists. The reconciliation between the Jews and the world will only end when the damn bank seigniorage is end. Why continue this damned IMF means preparing a new holocaust, etc. ..

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@Rrmbgpym-> CIAO! shalom +bless +Alleluia+blessings too + love Moses blesses you. my precious brother. You bless me as I bless you. The Holy Spirit of God, moves very powerfully in recent days. I believe that all politicians are very concerned and between a little, they will be very desperate. So they will said: "try to let the option of God" You let build the Temple to those dreamers (ie us). I believe that all nations will force the "enlightened" and Israel for built our temple. // Mosè ti benedice. fratello mio prezioso. Tu benedici me, come io benedico te. Lo Spirito Santo di Dio, si muove molto potentemente, in questi giorni. Io credo che tutti i politici sono molto preoccupati e tra un poco, loro saranno anche molto disperati. Così diranno: "lasciamo provare a Dio" lasciamo costruire il Tempio a quei sognatori (cioè a noi). Credo che tutte le nazioni costringeranno gli "illuminati" e Israele affinché sia costruito il nostro Tempio.

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@Rrmbgpym-> we are at final stages .. Satan's breath blessed my friends. +: Curse my enemies for I am invincible. Amen Alleluia: the kingdom of Satan now: falls, is crumbling, is crumbling.

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@Rrmbgpym-> YouTube has destroyed the channel of "73Izaura" and now he is insulting to she and to me. These criminals force me: the tightening. 73Izaura SAID: "salut, mon ami !! comment ça va, lorenzo ? pouquoi tu casses amitié ? m.(fr.)" 01/giu/10 -ANSWER-> parce que votre canal n'est pas disponible? parce que vous avez choisi une photo d'un sataniste? Je ne vois pas votre canal, première le choix du drapeau d'Israël, et maintenant tu es allé à choisir une image d'un sataniste? pourquoi? because your channel is not available? because you chose a picture of a Satanist? I do not see your channel, the first choice of the Israeli flag, and now you're going to choose an image of a Satanist? Why?

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@Rrmbgpym->Time? is against us, is against the peoples of the planet. I hope you have a strategy to be realized soon. Because I can do good, only: if I'm with you. while I can do harm to the enemies of God, even in a way devastating, if I am alone. But go down in history as the butcher of Satanists and Freemasons, it is not my aspiration, not a thing that would make me too proud ... every minute? thousands of souls who are lost in the depths of hell, while that all souls could be saved if we, as did our fathers, we allow at the "glory of God" to descend in his temple on earth. I want to July 1. direct the work of the yard 2. organize an ecumenical meeting: permanent / perpetual prayer and worship with all religions. you working to make this possible. Take courage and example by me and especially you do not ever touch the fear .... this is certain: "God has shielded our lives and the lives of all those who worked on our project" bless shalom + salam = love x you and yours

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@Rrmbgpym-> the choice of my friend: "73Izaura" of put the flag of Israel, took place at my suggestion, because "73Izaura", was already under threat from youtube for to have put 4 guns in the shape of swastika. This goal was to save all translations: of my comments in French. But it is obvious: the fact has been interpreted as an insult. But this was a tragic mistake. A wrong decision: tragically violent. la scelta del my friend: "73Izaura", di mettere la bandiera di Israele, è avvenuta su mio suggerimento, in quanto "73Izaura", era stata già minacciato da youtube, per avere messo 4 pistole a forma di svastica. L'obiettivo era quello di salvare tutte le traduzioni: dei miei commenti in francese. Ma è evidente: il fatto è stato interpretato come un insulto. Questo però è stato un tragico errore. Una decisione sbagliata: tragicamente violenta.

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@ Rrmbgpym-> These are the stages of my faith: 1. religious, 2. compassionate 3. Consecrated (12 years) 4. charismatic or perceptual (20 years), 5. supernatural or discernment (22 years), 6. secular (34 years), 7. positive 8. active or priestly 9. dynamic or Préfet 10. aggressive or combative 11. positional or winner (47 years), 12. royal regal (today). Faith is an option, like a muscle, it must be trained and exercised continually improved. That's why, that will continue to be my faith is something tremendously, huge potential: "I can not draw back." So if my resignation that God has given me? I lose all this wealth that is in my spirit. "I'll be there forever and the world, the" enlightened "will have to deal with me!" AMEN! ALLELUIA!

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@ Rrmbgpym-> In this project the Jewish Temple and in all my work on youtube? I do not have a personal interest: for what I am? I despise the world and everything you may have. Although became the Rei Unius? For me it would just a terrible task, an enormous load. I leave my place to another! Goodbye! @ Rrmbgpym-> In questo progetto del Tempio Ebraico e in tutto il mio lavoro su youtube? Io non ho un interesse personale: per quello che io sono? io disprezzo il mondo e tutto quello che può avere. Anche se divenissi il Rei Unius? Per me sarebbe solo una terribile incombenza, un carico enorme. Io lascio il mio posto ad un altro! Addio!

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@ Rrmbgpym-> are you afraid too? Can you could build the Temple, on lies and injustice? Maybe you want to make an instrument of Zionist imperialism? serving the Fund: IMF, or "illuminated"? This is! would be a tragedy! How do you hope to overcome with your family, the 3rd WW nuclear? lol. because you have a bomb shelter? lol. My friend "73Izaura? "This channel is not available!" 73Izaura "put the flag of Israel, before he had a swastika, however, it is always a mother, a very educated, respectful, civil, woman, what happened?

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@ Rrmbgpym-> we have the power to remove the extermination of this generation! We must destroy, for ourselves and for all, inertia and fatalism. You will see the power of God, as our fathers were able to see. If you can make the first steps in faith. Israel is a scattered flock without a shepherd(Isaiah), glory to God in the heavens and on earth peace to all those he loves. The duty of Israel is to bring peace and justice throughout the world ... You can not defy God! God can erase this generation, but can also take care of his children: the poor. The God's will? is illuminate our hearts with its light, "may you: always read: the Torah in a time of joy!"

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@Rrmbgpym->[YHWH's: sovereignty and rights of representation] can not exist: 2 Kings in one kingdom, but God wills that all her children, make the experience of majesty. That's why God created the Earth as a colony. Now, we are ambassadors and governors, legal representatives of our Heavenly Kingdom and has not importance if There are enlightened or Satan is: "always we to triumph, so he, David will always be the death of Goliath". If men do not know: the immense power that God has given them, how can they exercise it? how can they break their chains? We have a duty to teach them to use this infinite power. For every man, God has established: he is "Rei Unius! Each man was ordained by God: Ambassador and Governor. So every man has the seal of the government and the authority of command. to starting with control of his family, grows, grows, is an infinite power! You can control the planet! Why did I have to exercise: just me this power?? Why do not you have faith?

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@Rrmbgpym-> Only the love, is the measure, of a God without measure. God is perfect, so him do not need anything. that is, God is eternally happy. God did create only to send and share the exuberance of his joy: his love. However it is in the nature of love, that is the nature of the donor of receive the recognition of thankfulness. Love and be loved in return is justice, called "wisdom"! Therefore, the man who does not love God? he is a failure! What child can contend with her father? What man can contend with God or with his Unius Rei? To contend with him? you should be at his level... but you're not! Of course, the Father hears her children and helpers, he can not abandon them. certainly, He will understand their rights and will work for their happiness. Indeed it is better to build the good: "Jewish Temple" that suppress the evil

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@Rrmbgpym->[YHWH's sovereignty and rights of representation] why destroy (Satanists, Freemasons, etc. ..) 500 million men in so supernaturally? What a waste of love! God can forgive and change their "hearts of stone" in a flash! because thousands of people in youtube: keep them jealously: my comments, although I have cursed them? Because the Holy Spirit told them that: 1. I can not hate or reject 2. I'm a door of the Temple of heaven. So they are clinging to that my poor words like a drowning man is attacked at his table, and so are clinging to the hope of one day, they will again to receive one day, the presence of the their Creator, that they have lost. because they can not are recognize more than the Word of God as a living Word, something that for me is so natural as drinking a glass of water.

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@Rrmbgpym->[YHWH's sovereignty and rights of representation] if someone said: "lorenzojhwh" has invented by his innocence, unintentionally, a lot of lies! I might even agree with him. but one thing is clear: God has given me a position, while YouTube has make the opportunity of visible this on the world. Before me, no man was so universal. Who was the representative of every man, to any other man? and who was representative of all before God This position is the true miracle, that the fullness of both the power political and spiritual, that is the metaphysical of "Rei Unius" and King of Israel, which dominates with love of the brotherhood, to be supremely virtuous with the Spirit of holiness and intellect with the wisdom that fall from God, to reconcile again: God with all mankind. Since evil occult powers have taken over the institutions and have become uncontrollable. So that man has become false and artificial: a madness: destructive and deadly

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@Rrmbgpym-> This evening, my wife has discovered on my head, the appearance of so many white-haired. maybe we're doing elderly? No, there is not the old or death for the true worshipers! Indeed, Moses had not lessened at all. So it will be for us too! we will be very efficient and productive until the last moment. Then we will be taken by God in glory (though others will have the illusion to see us die), but this is not for us, in fact, the death can not have power over us, because we are too close to God because until this point, as us, who is? you are the high priest? questa sera, mia moglie ha scoperto, sul mio capo, la comparsa di tanti capelli bianchi. forse noi stiamo facendo vecchi? No, non esiste la vecchia o la morte: per i veri adoratori! Infatti, a Mosè non si era attenuato niente. Così sarà per noi: anche! noi saremo efficienti e molto produttivi: fino all'ultimo momento.

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@Rrmbgpym-> Yes, God is very sensitive to music, but not to all music, he is a person, then he has specific tastes, just like you: in fact, he's through you that loves the sacred: hymns and music. What pleases you? like him too! Indeed, it was he who loves you / and through you music. You knew this? God loves more than a song, a hymn, that the sacrifice of an animal SI, Dio è molto sensibile alla musica, ma non a tutta la musica, lui è persona, quindi lui ha dei gusti specifici, proprio come te: infatti, lui è attraverso di te che ama gli inni sacri: musica sacra. Quella che piace a te? piace anche a lui! Anzi, è proprio lui che ama in te/ e attraverso di te: la musica. Questo tu lo sapevi? Dio ama più un canto, un inno, che il sacrificio di un animale

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@Rrmbgpym-> as Professor of Religion, in these 22 years of teaching, I are remembered and loved by their (1000 ex pupils), for including a song with "mime", it is among their best memories. says: "Brick by brick, rises on the large house that hard, that hard work you do ... why? -.... is the Lord who wants to live with you! Hallelujah." Only now I understand what can be this big house, in which the Lord calls us to live with him .. And you understand? // come docente di Religione, in questi 22 anni di insegnamento, io sono ricordato e amato dai miei 1000: ex alunni, anche per un canto "mimato" che è tra i loro più bei ricordi. dice: "mattone su mattone, viene su la grande casa, che fatica, che fatica che si fa ... perché? -.... è il Signore che vuole abitare con te! Alleluia". Solo oggi ho capito cosa può essere questa grande casa.. e tu hai capito?

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@Rrmbgpym->We beg you: God JHWH OUR LORD! with the strength and greatness of Your right arm (Your Mighty Chesed/loving kindness) - Untangle our knotted fate. Accept your people's song, elevate and purify us. Please, Heroic One, those who pursue Your uniqueness-guard them as the pupil of an eye. Bless them, purify them, show them compassion, may Your righteousness always recompense them. Powerful One, Holy One, with the abundance of Your Goodness guide Your congregation. Unique One, Exalted One, face Your people, those who proclaim Your Holiness. Our entreaty, accept, and hear our cry, O Knower of hidden things, is mainly Blessed is the Name of YOUR Glory and Kingship, forever and ever... About The Ana B'Ko'ach prayer by Ovadia Hamama | אנא בכח - עובדיה חממה

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@Rrmbgpym-> I am convinced we are alwais permanently in the presence of God. But the spiritual life until to that not it becomes ripe, then it is as if he: God did not exist. is as how God could exist, if man is only sensitive to their demands of justice and then does not know Justice of others that have needs : God resists at people so selfish. and then does not know of his brothers who die of hunger every day and of others who not are unable to understand their dignity because they live, like animals selfish? God is for me, for every success of my company, because nothing is impossible for God, so for me there is no word "impossible" and in fact, I am on the world. so I'm sure God would give himself and pour out his Holy Spirit upon every person, even though an atheist, because every heart that seeks the good of all: it is always a heart that seeks God

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@Rrmbgpym->I am convinced: the best man is be normal: being himself: sincere, genuine, compassionate, and has been able to accept its limits. How could I reject myself, if the Lord: has not rejected me? That's why I learned to love: but all must be honest with me as I'm honest with them, otherwise they are trouble!! I do not want to wait for Heaven, to know all the wonderful men like me: no! I want to know all of them long before: people of every nation and religion, men who thirst for justice, equality, brotherhood and love universal. and to worship God with them in the Jewish Temple. I believe We love between us, for we must teach everyone to love. That life can not be wasted or destroyed in materialism, because when I make of a man an animal? Then, I am became animal even.

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@Rrmbgpym ->I know: you're curious to know what kind of relationship, I have with God. you do not think that I can know your thoughts: no. but my mind is not polluted by lust or selfishness, why is pure, so it is easy for her guess. I said to the Lord: "Do not you dare give me something strange or as men: they could imitate me?" My mind, spirit and soul have become accustomed to purity, because I have a permanent relationship with God, and although incredible, this is the truth: "My meekness is unbounded, only that my conscience can not tolerate any injustice ". With the power of faith, maybe I could be anything, but I chose the sheer rationality of faith arid, that is metaphysics. Certainly, I am not a: mystic, prophet, sensitive, etc. ... if God has given me some charisma? He did it secretly, because I am not unaware.

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@Rrmbgpym -> you know why the songs in Hebrew are the most beautiful? because Hebrew is the language of worship to God! God goes crazy when he hears: By Ovadia Hamama Ana B'Ko'ach | אנא בכח - עובדיה חממה so, then I go crazy also, together with him. shalom tu sai perché i canti in ebraico sono i più belli? perché l'ebraico è la lingua della adorazione a Dio. Dio impazzisce quando sente: Ana B'Ko'ach by Ovadia Hamama | אנא בכח - עובדיה חממה così, poi impazzisco anche io, insieme: a lui.

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@Rrmbgpym -> together with monetary sovereignty? They stole each other sovereignty! Forcing our government to an impossible administrative management. Now: with money stolen from us, they buy the despair of our unemployed and make them do the satanists on youtube. is satanism of the U.S.: the most powerful institution in the world [Blue Beam], who made 11-09! and then check: alien, armies, "Secret Service", Network, etc... if the Masons: elite leaders, do not react immediately? will be a massacre! the NWO is: a religion of satanic nature, global control, and the total destruction of the sovereignty of God and of man, now reduced to an animal. We're going to lose control: in fact, was destroyed humanistic civilization: blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood! blood on the 12 tribes of Israel, that is the symbol of all mankind. In fact, Israel is the heart of mankind!

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@Rrmbgpym -> to taste the sweetness of the Lord: at to presence of his glory, the glory of his house: the temple! Amen AlleluiaI know I can be what I want to be! If I work hard? I'll be where I want to be [loves] I know you, that is can. I know that you can all. Be what I want a be: be what you want to be. If you work hard at it, If I work hard at it. then I'll be where I want a be and I want to be with you together WITH the one GOD: JHWH.

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Job 21,12 They continue raising [their voice] with the tambourine and harp, And keep rejoicing at the sound of the pipe. 13 They spend their days in good times, And in a moment down to She′ol they descend. but: 30 That at the day of disaster an evil one is spared, At the day of fury he is delivered? 31 Who will tell him of his way to his very face? And for what he himself has done who will reward him? -ANSWER-> lol. the bad man is only this time to enjoy: next? despair is endless! Not eternal, because after the resurrection, after trial, then later God: will disintegrate to him! small gain when the worm (demons), devour the soul and spirit from within. Pure desperation when there is a ministry of Elijah, as lorenzojhwh. then, their evil is incalculable! While an infinite joy and eternal awaits the righteous who suffered: this to the righteous is an inevitable suffering. alleluia

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[Job 21] many who are Righteous are in despair. now though, look at Haiti.. Job had something interesting to say about this, when his companions said that. he would not be in despair, if he was not secretly sinning -ANSWER-> we have the power to expel Satan, because alliances with our patriarchs are still valid. When: 1. we examined our conscience in light of the Torah, 2. then we prayed and praised. 3. then we must fight, 4. then, step to trample on the enemy! But, many men never go at "3" and "4" spot. here because, they are always losers, in fact, without a fight? Satan will not go away, ever! but I have news for the world, Satan and his human allies? Can not withstand too much before a consuming fire: the presence of God, therefore, the victory is granted with safety!

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For the holiness of: 1. God of Abraham, 2. His Throne, 3. His name "YHWH", 4. angelic choirs. lorenzojhwh decrees, all the curses on all Satanists and their accomplices, forever: "Amen. Hallelujah." can not be counted: dead, disease, illness, accidents, infections obsessions, possessions, anxiety, depression, disorders, insomnia, despair, madness: "Amen. Hallelujah."Mene Techel Peres PAX CSPB CSSMLNDSMD VRSN SMVS MQLIVB Drink your poisons made by yourself!

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@Rrmbgpym-> Because if we do not act quickly the world would soon become one only Satan, because this is precisely what has been programmed. everyone should forget their differences and be united against this global threat of NWO. But who has the capacity to unite all the different souls of mankind? The Jewish Temple Of course! That is why the Satanists of the IMF are to: prevent its construction.

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@Rrmbgpym-> how could be the love, of all the atheists for lorenzojhwh the "Rei Unius", if all the atheists, in the history of mankind, realizing that they too will have access to the Kingdom of God, that is eternal life: through the mediation of this single ministry? This is my real goal: "no precious child of God must go into perdition". for save all at any cost: Masons, Satanists or enlightened: everyone! is not easy, of can find on earth, a man who, like me, he hate money, power, political, success, I want to disappear on a deserted island.. However, if a sacrifice should be done? Then it must be done!

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@Rrmbgpym -> I do not want to do politics, I'm not interested in power, I do not want to upset the present system oligarchic of world: Masonic. I'm Trying to Do a Global Alliance Against: Bank seigniorage and Satanism: What are the two sides of same coin. For to build the house of all believers: the Jewish Temple. WHERE Every man can pray to God, the first universal temple for the prayers of all to the one God. We could start with a symbolic monarchy on the Temple Mount. Certainly, I will be loved by all. Thus, only in the case of a dramatic event, I could perform the duties of temporary tutoring.

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waw! I am the best: the strongest! I am the "Rei Unius" king of Israel-> ALLELUIA

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@taraz808-->you will not be afraid if all the Jews become Christians? Judaism could never be corrupted even in this case absurd.

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@ IgnotoProfondo-> Golem (Heb. גולם) is mythology medieval Jewish? The term derives from the Hebrew word "gelem" which means "raw material" or "embryo." When Golem appeared (Heb. גולם)? that vomiting of the hell, that curse Israel "enlightened", that is their damn parents had given a body to the demons, that the aliens. Clearly, those who had a superhuman intelligence (fallen angels), have been brought technology to the highest level! @IgnotoProfondo-> Golem (ebr. גולם) è mitologia ebraica medievale? Il termine deriva dalla parola ebraica: "gelem" che significa: "materia grezza", o "embrione". Quando comparve Golem (ebr. גולם)? quel vomito dell'inferno, quella maledizione di Israele: "illuminati", cioè i loro maledetti genitori, avevano dato un corpo ai demoni, cioè agli alieni. Chiaramente, coloro che avevano una intelligenza sovrumana(angeli decaduti), hanno portato subito la tecnologia ai più alti livelli!

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@IgnotoProfondo -> at the time of Muhammad, 80% of Christians were Arian heretics and apocryphal gospels raged: as Muhammadhe wandered in the assessment of Christianity? So even today, 80% of men of every religion: they are heretics without knowing why the world despises their, all religions, and especially the Vatican: in fact have formally condemned the heresies, such as "modern" and "masonry", but they have taken over the ecclesiastical hierarchy and all religions. John Paul II and Benedict XVI? is as if they were under house arrest. Made here, the word of Jesus, saying: "If the salt loses its flavor, will not need that to be trampled by the men?"

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@taraz808--> the 4300 friends on my list? are speechless! In fact, my Muslim brothers know that even their more secular governments such as Turkey are criminals for constitution. My atheist friends, know that: lol. "Theory" of evolution is an ideological crime. What Jew my friend, or person with the spirit demon of any religion, can speak with me of Freemasonry and bank seigniorage? There is institutions that are unimaginable in the world as aliens. And they have created a virtual reality: institutions, government, networks, banks, namely, the "system" .. where they have imprisoned all the human race. This is the truth: the occult powers, namely Satan, NWO + IMF: they have the management of all sovereignty and we are all going to die: very soon. But I have news for you: "I started to kill them very well"

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@taraz808--> ehi taraz808 If you have ever thought that anyone who pays you, pays you to kill yourself?

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I lorenzojhwh the King of Israel and Rei Unius, I sentence to death in the name of the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, all who are involved with: NWO, IMF, enlightened, Satanists, Freemasons, occult powers, aliens. To the my servants angels, I has ordered of execute this decision: immediate. Amen. Alleluia. -- Amen - Alleluia -ALLELUIA!-- Alleluia

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@ Rrmbgpym -> son, I bless you thee in the name of God Almighty JWHW. With every blessing of heaven and earth. I bless thee that thou vinecerai on your enemy. The patriarchs and prophets bless you. Melchizedek blesses you. Alleluia

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@ Rrmbgpym -> to shed the blood of innocent lambs in Egypt? In witness that innocent blood of lamb innocent is up every jew and can protect him from "evil-evil", is for this blood that lorenzojhwh forgives all sins past, present and future. with the word of the Torah that sanctifies and the faith of our father Abraham and of his priest Melchisek. That is why, the only symbolic sacrifice daily in the Temple Jew, will be a perfect atonement for sins all mankind who will look in YHWH and in his temple, which is the footstool of his throne, for to recognize with honesty of conscience all his sins, as in the Torah is identified with precision. That's why the praise, the psalms, hymns, the worship, the dances are gaining the upper hand: it will be done continuously, both day and night. Indeed, the "Rei Unius, alleviate or make optional the requirement of several impositions of Torah, that love is to win the fear. because only love is the measure of a God without measure.

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@rrmbgpym -> when parents are in mortal sin, then the demons can attack the kids. That's why they have the experience of "adductions". but if anyone is in unity with one's being: spirit, soul and body. Then no demon can approach to you: therefore consistent with their religion and rectitude of conscience before God, to prevent demons or aliens to get in touch with to you. That's because I have not made a gift exaggerated even forgives sins we commit in the future, for Jews "today". But for all mankind "tomorrow", that is when I have the opportunity. because it is the guilt to separate from God Sin generates pain, suffering, etc. ... but it must not be separated you from God, when he inspires gratitude and repentance. Since the soul recognizes to be sinful, but also knows of not to be rejected for this. here, because guilt can be an ally of Satan, but becomes an ally of God, if man knows he is loved for himself, by God, unconditionally.

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@createsutoo--> the "enlightened" have in the safe, all the patents of the technology they have developed with / by the aliens (demons to which, they have offered a body with genetic manipulation and capture of thousands of "adducts" used for the breeding of these monsters). The "enlightened" have lied to their accomplices: Russia, China, India, ecc.. because it really "enlightened" should kill all their accomplices through the aliens, to control by themselves the world. But why, they, the "enlightened" must make an investment of all the money they stole from us? it is more useful, convenient destroy almost all of us? If I not ascend to my throne, as God wants? and if the Jewish Temple will be built at once: soon? 4.5 billion people will die in a short time between 2012 and 2013, for the 3rd WW nuclear, that really is a war of all the rich (Freemasonry, Satanism, banks, SpA, etc. ..) against: all the poor.

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@rrmbgpym -> if, They not decide quickly (in these hours) with all together with their lifes? will be lost: the destruction, will pass on all. and since on this planet, will can live only on God's command. They will die like rats in their bomb shelter anti nuclear

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@rrmbgpym->[REI UNIUS: his word? once delivered is the eternal law, himself can not retract. Indeed, the absolute amnesty that he said? is inviolable law of the Kingdom! Once all parties have been heard? His opinion becomes final! His authority is absolute because his trial can not be corrupted! Its perfect justice humanity universal is unbiased, space and time may not set: his ministry is that of Melchizedek! Its size: 1. politics: secular, humanistic, personalistic. 2. spiritual: fundamentalist, compassionate, prophetic, priestly, kingly. All this is completely rational, objective and that is expressed by a single word: METAPHYSICS

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@rrmbgpym-> in a few hours, we decided to build the Temple amen alleluia

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taraz808 SAID: forget jehoshua and pray to g-d-ANSWER->if "lorenzojhwh" the king of Israel in the Jewish temple, never talked to Jesus, but still had the mentality of a Christian? That would be ridiculous first that being a lack of respect. Why: 1. If Jesus is the Messiah is he who must this show it, to the end of times 2. Judaism is a religon perfect and complete. Certainly the King and Priest's duty to make some adjustments because of modernity. Amen. Alleluia. How lorenzojhwh might be perfectly Jewish or perfectly Muslim? This is precisely the mandate of her extraordinarily charisma. because only love is the measure of a God without measure.

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@rrmbgpym-> [This is a great mystery] if my list of 4300 addresses were been all fake address? Would not change anything! In fact, I have not founded a political party to seize power, and I am not looking for disciples but for credit of my ancestry. I am the "Rei Unius" of the eternity! The my royal army is with God where everything is stable. David in prophecy: he saw my glory and is remained intoxicated for the perfection of my kingship: in fact, King David wrote many psalms for me like: 110 and 20. David himself submits to lorenzojhwh calling him sir: my Lord.

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@rrmbgpym-> there is a power: 1. human, 2. supernatural 3. super natural, 4. divine: mine. I always attack the summit! I go immediately to trample Satan and so in hell is spread the terror. So will in the world of men. I'm learning to perfect my faith in this recent days: that's why I became less aggressive. So you can see the excellent victims that I will do for you, so that the project of our TEMPLE can be accelerated. and ostali be broken! Obstacles? wILL Become dust! The Lord raises his Torah against all those who dare challenge his authority supreme. I repealing the right of Jews to lend money to wear! to anyone! Amen. Alleluia!

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Amen Alleluia

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@rrmbgpym-> why you need to know: 1. "the lobby outside" is Hades or Sheol or purgatory (all souls blessed and good: awaiting our blessed hope) 2. [Lobby inside] are 6 paradis, contained each in 6 different dimension. The first dimension is the "paradise terrestrial" that was once of our ancestors. 5 more heavenly havens: each in their size. but we should find ways to get here even the pagans, perhaps making them do pass under the colonnade. 3. But beware: in the Holy may come strictly: only those who have to perform priestly functions. 4. G-d bless you

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@rrmbgpym-> If I can not be in your team: I'll rest. but I will always pray for you, for the success of your glorious enterprise. the immediate commencement of this work? Will move the 3rd nuclear WW: of 100 years: approx. measures dictated in the biblical text: can all be multiplied by a coefficient "n" (constant) because, what is important is not: the size/greatness, but the proportions So you, "my son". you can overpower/ surpass the Dome of the Rock: even by raising the level of the Temple Mount

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@rrmbgpym ->Rightly: God is called "more High + higher" Indeed, He is the "Holy Holy Holy" is higher than everything. Now lorenzojhwh is his minister, a servant to his orders. Ok! This being with my spirit so high, it makes me unattainable: even for, death that has no power over my ministry. even when I am relieved of my body? it is then that I can be "devastating"! here's why: I am not afraid to die, here's why all the Satanists are desperate, because they moving themselves in the field of supernatural, but all of them are like ants to me: In fact they are at a level too low for me

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@rrmbgpym -> What do you know of: 1. seigniorage banking? 2. public debt? 3. fractional reserve? If you knew these things? You understand that you're gonna die! for a system that absorbs 270% of the world's resources is intended to exhaust its circuit for to the extreme exploitation of the human race. Now the owners of the world: they must choose whether to kill themselves, or kill all mankind. Guess you, what have they chosen?

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how many many: Satanists Freemasons, bankers, politicians and enlightened I must kill before being considered?

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@taraz808-> When I go to India? I will make the perfect Hindu. when I go to a Moshea? I am the perfect Muslim. When I enter a synagogue? I am the most rigid of all observant! Why is it immoral to use the authority of the people, to betray the trust of the people. But I do not need to pretend, because I really love God in all forms. In fact, just this is my greatest charism. Then, if they do not ask me to talk about Jesus? I do not speak! But we found 332 of the Old Testament prophecies that speak of Jesus IN the smallest detail: AWESOME! Only in thus, if I became King of Israel, you can lawfully buy my silence. If you delay? All the world will become Christian, because this is a ministry irresistible, in fact, Satanists are being converted to Christ in the mass, because the defeat the satanic world that i made them? is a wound that not can be healed!

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@rrmbgpym -> I am not a minister of God that may be underestimated. God sends ministries so terrible, when all mankind is on the eve of its destruction, 3rd WW nuclear. but, if we in this year, we are able to realize the Jewish Temple, simultaneously with that monarchy metaphysics, which can replace the IMF, then there will be hope.

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Disgorge2a SAID: Re:Re: kill all jew? But to kill all jews is fun. Svarog destroy all the nations and will lead Russian to the eternal world domination, Holy Russia. Jews are satanists. -ANSWER->Yes, today the Jews are Satanists. but I converted them to Judaism. I will convert all the world, because I do not like to kill anyone. ONLY a mad king, his subjects can kill! and I'm ReiUnius, that all mankind is my brother. I kill only the Satanists and all criminals like them.

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1/9[Advanced Theology on monotheism] premise: that my work is the result of my experience and of my love for all mankind, I give this mystical and theological work at all the sons of Abraham, that are all monotheists. Indeed, this is an experiment in transverse theology, for Muslim and Jewish theologians, they do understand to me if this theology poses to their of the problems. thanks

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@rrmbgpym --> The first my task that God has given me is to restore the true religion of Moses. and I can do this legally because of my Jewishness perfect spiritual: because if Jews have lost their genealogies, Then, also all of them have a spiritual Jewishness. I am eldest: Melchizedek, then I'm really of the tribe of Judah, born in the house of Jesse and therefore are a descendant of David and I have: a double royalty! then i am the primogeniture. How could build the Jewish Temple the Jews without my divine power, that can resolve all the theological difficulties? How might all the world look to Jerusalem without a universal symbol?

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Re: [JHWH]♔Lorenzojhwh♔Rei Unius♔ floydgirl7 SAID: My friend its all in Gods hands now ;]..God will avenge Israel and come get us soon yipi - ANSWER-> this is really strategic all our energies should be spent for Israel! We must remove the control of Satanists on Israel, Jews around the world must understand! Because only in this way, Israel will be truly secure. Only then God will build his Temple. Only then will reign peace and prosperity: the universal brotherhood: on all the world. the Zionism of the Talmud of Babylon? This is the real reason for the curse of the holy land.

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@rrmbgpym ->"What advantage, in fact, will have the man if he gains the whole world and lose his own soul?" This Mt 16.26 Jesus says to every man, but in particular it says to "ReiUnius", knowing that he is the only man who will dominate the whole human race. Sure, lorenzojhwh the king of Israel not can commit an injustice never voluntarily because he is like Melchizedek is without father or mother (nationality) without genealogy (Unius), without beginning of days or end of life (metaphysical: natural law or Decalogue)! [Hebrews 7:1-3] Like Melchizedek, he is king and priest, he can not lie, because it is the sacred truth: he himself is the truth among men: the metaphysical! Only the truth is its power: and this enables him the priestly duties. outside the will and glory of God? In this world there is nothing of value for him! all people are his children, and in him there is no partiality. because it is the only source of life: YHWH

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The Jewish Temple, will change the history of mankind. No one can really be an atheist: after , because it was found a unifying principle: metaphysics, that is the source of all mankind. the spaces must be very large, because all mankind must be came to weep for their sins! It will end all racism and violence of every religion. So, not only believers, but also atheists go up to the Temple. why is a symbol of unity and universal brotherhood: that is, metaphysics or natural law: justice: do not be evil. truth does not lie. We will have the most beautiful and prosperous 40 years in the entire history of mankind. We turn away move the 3rd WW of 100 years. While waiting for the Messiah Our hope between in our 300 years unfortunately

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@rrmbgpym -> the Lord God YHWH, love it to this project, but it not can be done by heretics of the Talmud. you have moved the temple to the right, to save the "Dome of the Rock"? This is very nice! if it were possible I would move right again, all the Temple Mount, because I see that right there is a space with a depression. Below level 2 levels would be: 1. for a large museum. 2. to erect the tent of meeting and working perfectly for touring to rotate the world. Certainly, not everything will be centered on the sacrifice (which is symbolic of one per day), but will be centered on praise songs, worship, psalms and canticles. God does not want to go where he was before: because he has bad memories

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I have to give respect to you. In fact you are older than me

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taraz808 SAID: Re:-the power to Satan : "whats wrong with you?" -ANSWER-> Many founders of democracies? were Masons, that they were creatures made by the banker jew! lol. it was like custody of the sheep at the wolf! They took control easily, because they were already setting up of occult powers: the bank seigniorage. Now the IMF and "enlightened" have defeated the Christian soul: 1. the world is full of Satanism, prostitution, horror, crime, suicide: why never was so evil: the history of mankind. 2. In schools to teach witchcraft, horoscopes hallowen and requires by law the crime of evolution. The information is all false: there is only one NetWork. Indeed, the Zionists have occupied every institution and every government and you're gonna die like an animal, because you are not aware of this disaster: the 3rd WW nuclear is very close

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shalom + salam = bless = love = blessings too

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i am old united nations soldier from sinai 1976 1978-1979 3coy ras sheratib and ilove israel tel-aviv ani ohet otah israel woman ken ken lama lo lehit rahot mahar pa laila

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    Matthewroxtheparty -- destroyed is the ability to communicate: in youtube, with people, because we have to die in silence and we should not rebel, because here is full of Satanists! hanno distrutto la possibilità di comunicare tra le persone; perché dobbiamo morire in silenzio e non ci dobbiamo ribellare: perché qui è pieno di satanisti!
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    @ rrmbgpym -> dickhead [1. the third, nuclear world war: it has been decided! 2. Israel is lost, and you do the Enlightened One of shit: hiding behind your computer, and behind: your Talmud (which says, "not to be trusted and you have to kill the best of the goyim") 3. because, in fact, you do not come out of your Olympus, to speak with a Goym: like me] - answer-> But, of course, end up in hell, all your glory, that is, predation of all peoples, that you have done: through, the banking seigniorage! I'm not your toy, because God did not create me, fot to entertain you: racist!

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santo e scienziato: dott. prof. Giacinto Auriti

santo e scienziato: dott. prof. Giacinto Auriti
confondatore dell'università di Teramo, docente scienziato,
mancato premio nobel per colpa di Rothschild, ecc...
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